John K’s blog is always entertaining, which is why we periodically dip in. In this post he explains some cartoonist warm-up exercises:

I strongly recommend to every growing cartoonist to do warm up exercises every day. Athletes warm up before stressing their stiff joints, musicians practice their scales every day before jumping right into their performances and I think cartoonists can benefit from limbering up their pencils and brains before they attack their work. I should follow this advice and I did this morning.

I think it’s especially important to warm up on things you’re not good at.

I like drawing pretty girls, but like many male cartoonists I generally concentrate on the face and body, and don’t pay a lot of attention to the hair or clothes. The talented female cartoonists are way ahead of us guys when it comes to drawing individual girls and their specific hairstyles and fashions. They do it so well in fact that it leaves us guys looking like morons with one track minds.

K. throws in some of his own “ugly” drawings to show what he means.


  1. John K’s blog should be regarded as a national treasure. He’s been sharing his knowledge and love of animation tirelessly for years. If you want to learn to draw and create unique characters, his site is the best place to go. An incredible collection of lessons, critiques, and examples of what works and what doesn’t.