§ Over at i09, Charle Jane Anders (aided and abetted by Douglas Wolk) has a very lengthy and girthy round up of Superheroes Who Can’t Have Sex including two from this summer’s movies:

Okay, now that you’ve consented to be spoiled, our two abstinent heroes are the Hulk and Hancock. Actually, in the case of Hancock, it’s not strictly true that he can’t have sex — according to early screening reports, he simply has to be very, very careful where, and how, he ejaculates.

§ This headline says it all: April Bookstore Sales Show Unexpected Strength. Translation: Books not dead yet!

§ EW reviews The Eternals, Judenhass and Dead in Desemboque.

§ Keith Dallas interviews Vertigo’s Karen Berger, Jonathan Vankin and Joan Hilty for more on their graphic novel acquiring spree:

Berger: Vertigo is known for publishing genre fiction, and I think many people assume that Vertigo acquires only certain types of books. Creators might not realize that Vertigo would be in the market for something that’s maybe more of an intimate story or a memoir or even a story that has no genre aspect. I wasn’t really thinking of any particular Oni or Top Shelf book, but in our amped-up efforts to acquire more graphic novels, we’re casting a wide net, and want creators with independent sensibilities to know that we’re open to hearing from them.

I think a lot of new creators might not think that they can necessarily get a foot in the door at Vertigo. Maybe they think they have to be more seasoned in terms of how much they’ve published. But my feeling is if you have a great story to tell and you’re great at story-telling, then I don’t care if you have or haven’t been published. Of course, it’s always easiest to look at creators’ prior work in terms of judging what they can do.


  1. The Dallas interview with the editors at Vertigo is interesting. Seems as if Vertigo is going to pull a full court press on expanding their offerings beyond their typical content…still, I have hard time imagining such works as American Born Chinese, Persepolis, Blankets, etc coming from Vertigo.

  2. JM Ringuet asked: “So… how do you submit to Vertigo exactly?”

    Well, you start be averting your eyes at all times, followed by dropping to your knees…