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Our good friend Nomad braved the security at the Marvel Booth at the Licensing Show to eke out news of all Marvel’s new animated projects:

Hulk: Gamma Corps:: Set to hit in 2009, provided the movie does the numbers required. Remember, there was a series planned the last time a Hulk movie hit and it never saw the light of day due to poor numbers at the box office. This series sees Hulk teaming with other Gamma powered individuals to fight the good fight. So..Hulk..She Hulk..Doc Samson…who else would be in there? I wasn’t aware there were that many Gamma powered people to form a group with. I’ll assume there will be some original creations in there. Fingers crossed, Marvel hopes for 26 episodes on the table, but nothing is in stone yet.

Also listed: Iron Man: Armored Adventures, a Planet Hulk DVD for Lionsgate and Marvel Superhero Squad and Marvel Extreme- Wolverine
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  1. Sucks though that Marvels animated efforts lately have been nowhere near as good as DC’s. Hopefully it changes with this, but my guess it won’t.

  2. The Planet Hulk DVD was announced in Marvel’s recent quarterly report. There was also a Thor animated featured and the Gamma Corps discussed above. Might have been more, but I’d have to look again.

  3. Mostly all those new cartoons are for little kids which is great. Hopefully that will entice them to pick up a Marvel Adventures comic, but I doubt it.

    They are making ‘Planet Hulk’ for the babymen and that should be better than Marvel other garbage run of DVD’s. Marvel has yet to make a decent animated movie. Iron Man and Doctor Strange were a waste of time. Hopefully it will be faithful to the comic or close to it as was DC’s New Frontier.

  4. It’s just a cutesy look for them that started with the Star Wars characters and then Marvel saw it and licensed their characters to be done the same way. I collect all the Star Wars ones. I’m assuming DC will get off their ass and have them done too. But who knows, Marvel is proactive and DC is reactive.