We’re back at the keyboard after a week of horrible holiday travel…As bad as it was, other people had it worse. As we finally got home after a four-hour delay on Saturday night, we saw people sleeping on the floor of the shabby Delta terminal at JFK, and stories of people stranded for 2 or 3 days over the holidays have been everywhere. All things considered, we generally got to where we going on the same day we were supposed to, and suffered no nerve or limb damage, so it wasn’t all that bad.
Things are still on holiday time, so this week we’ll just be hitting the big stories.


  1. From what I hear most of the travel problems have been weather-related, which makes me worry about about upcoming NYCC, in early February — I’ll be flying to New York from Wyoming. Or should I think about alternatives?

  2. BEar in mind the bad weather was compounded by heavy heavy Holiday traffic, so planes were full to begin with. And it avalanched from there. Of course, no one in their right mind would tell you that flying to the snow belt in February isn’t without perils…but what is life without a little adventure.

  3. Who can predict the weather these days?

    It’s the week between Xmas and New Year’s and the temperatures on the East Coast have been in the 60s and the 40s.

    Contingency plans are not the worst thing in the world to have.

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