StephenchowWe all know that superstar Stephen Chow has dropped out as the director of the upcoming GREEN HORNET movie, but could it be to make way for a project that is more suitable for his genius?

Chow, whose credits include “Shaolin Soccer” and “Kung Fu Hustle,” said over the weekend that he wants to free up time to work with Jack Black on a comedy about a superhero.

“If I direct ‘The Green Hornet,’ the superhero comedy will have to be delayed for two years,” Chow said. “The timing might not be right for a superhero comedy in two years. And I want to make a movie based on an original idea.”

Details about that movie weren’t immediately available.

Some have interpreted this news item as suggesting that Chow is ditching the role of Kato all together, to which we say, “GO, STEPHEN! GO!” If you’ve seen the much-admired-at-the-Beat KUNG FU HUSTLE or SHAOLIN SOCCER, you know Chow has ALREADY made two of the most entertaining “super action” comedy movies of the last decade, and whatever this Jack Black project is, we’re switching our allegiance to it post haste.

§ NOT AGAIN!!!!!! Disney has bailed on the Narnia franchise! Does this mean we don’t get VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER and SILVER CHAIR, the two best books in the series? The only reason we would even sit through boring, stinky PRINCE CASPIAN is to get to the haunting, lyrical DAWN TREADER. Walden Media may find a new home for the franchise, but color us frustrated!


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