Pride Month is approaching its end, but LGBTQIA+ comic book creators can use your support year-round, especially after the recent Supreme Court decision allowing legal discrimination and limiting the rights of queer Americans. Considering how the Court’s decision could impact queer creatives and their ability to get paid and/or promote their work, it’s more important than ever for allies to support the crowdfunding efforts of community members. 

Check out this special all-queer edition of the Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up!

Poli – I want to find myself


Creators: Antonio Galota
Goal: $4,380
End Date: July 18, 2023
Goodies: Digital and/or physical editions, Kickstarter exclusive variant cover, prints collection, a digital collection of LGBTQ-themed books born under Awe Edizioni’s brand, and the “Be Yourself Bundle” (includes two Francesca Da Sacco projects)

A graphic novel about polyamory, awareness, and emotional honesty.

Published by Awe Edizioni, this graphic novel is about a queer art student’s realization that he wants to explore a polyamorous lifestyle. As one of the LGBTQIA+ identities with the least representation, especially well-done representation, I am always excited to see a new project that positively explores polyamory. 

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Sereno – Hardcover Edition


Creators: Luciano Vecchio
Goal: $6,000
End Date: June 30, 2023
Goodies: English or Spanish digital edition, hardcover print edition, signed hardcover, original sketch, sketch card, original art, and Sereno t-shirt

Meet SERENO, the Mystic Master of Light and guardian of New Teia, a city where magic and science intertwine by night!

LAST CALL TO BACK SERENO ON ZOOP! “[Sereno] is the hero I wish I had as a kid,” all-star queer creator and LGBTQ+ rights activist Luciano Vecchio (Iceman, Champions, DC Pridewrote in an op-ed for CNN. “My hero Sereno, which in Spanish means both ‘Serene’ and ‘Nightwatchman,’ emerged as a Magical Boy, a male version of the Japanese Magical Girl archetype. A spiritual warrior of light defending his utopian city, a queer lead character, a counteroffer of sensitive masculinity reclaiming what patriarchy denied us.”

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Slice of Life: The Kiss

Slice of Life: The Kiss

Creators: Kat Calamia (Co-Creator/Co-Writer), Phil Falco (Co-Creator/Co-Writer), Valeria Peri (Artist), Taylor Esposito (Letterer), Kielamel Sibal (Webtoon Letterer), Garth Matthams (Webtoon Letterer), Elisa Romboli (KS Exclusive Variant Cover Artist), Rafi de Sousa (“Pride 2.0” Cover Artist), and Tina Valentino and Katlyn Gonzalez (“Picnic Kisses” Cover Artists)
Goal: $14,000
End Date: July 20, 2023
Goodies: Digital and/or physical editions, Kickstarter exclusive variant covers, Kickstarter exclusive metal cover, “Slice Trio” acrylic pin and LGBTQ+ acrylic pin sets, Lady Vengeance plush doll, trading cards, drawn-in cameo, Slice of Life #1 Cover A (available for the last time), mystery boxes, and the Lifeline Comics indie comics add-on 

SEASON FINALE – Gritty anime protagonist, Lady Vengeance, comes to life and finally kisses the cheerleader in this Queer GL WEBTOON!

I have previously recommended Lifeline Comics Slice of Life at The Beat‘s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up. For long-time fans, Slice of Life‘s season one finale promises Yuriko and Lucy’s first kiss and an exclusive bonus chapter introducing Lucy’s first crush, Britt. In addition, the digital and physical versions of Slice of Life #4 contain an alternate version of the lead couple’s first kiss, which will be “rewarding for fans of the series.” However, don’t fret if this is your first time learning about Slice of Life, as the campaign also offers a digital bundle allowing you to catch up on the series.

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The Pride Summer Special 2024

The Pride Summer Special 2024

Creators: Joe Glass (Writer), David Talaski (Cover Artist), Gavin Mitchell (Artist), Bevis Musson (Artist), Hector Barros (Artist), Alex Moore (Artist), Elizabeth Beals (Artist), Ro Stein (Artist), Ted Brandt (Artist), and more
Goal: $7,660
End Date: July 1, 2023
Goodies: Print and/or digital editions of limited one-shot, an A4 art print of the Talaski cover, an A4 art print of the pin-up by Beals, and a set of five postcards 

LGBTQ+ superteam The Pride return in this sun, sea, and parties-themed collection of pin-ups, stories, and more!

LAST CALL TO BACK THE PRIDE ON KICKSTARTER! After a long hiatus, the all-LGBTQ+ superhero team, The Pride, created by Joe Glass and Gavin Mitchell, is returning to set some thirst traps and celebrate haute girl summer. Clocking in at 60-plus pages, this special edition one-shot includes brand-new adventures perfect for fans and newcomers alike, character profile pages, and “fabulous, fun and even a little sexy” pin-ups from amazing queer artists. All this and even some teasers and artwork for the next The Pride series to whet your appetites when the series returns to comic book stores.

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SAINTED LOVE: A gay science-fiction adventure comic

Sainted Love

Creators: Steve Orlando (Writer), Giopota (Artist), Simon Bowland (Letterer), David Talaski (Cover Artist), with additional art from Chris Shehan, Ed Luce, Vic Regis, Trung Le Nguyen, and more
Goal: $5,000
End Date: July 13, 2023
Goodies: Sainted Love #1-3 with a special Kickstarter-only cover; Clock Puncher digital bundle; Sainted Love Uncut edition, including uncensored comics, covers, concepts, and BTS materials not available outside the KS campaign; a Pride-themed sticker sheet; collector pin; the opportunity to be thanked by name in every version of the book; deep-dive into your project/pitch through three customized review sessions with Orlando; and a historical partner commission from Giopota

From the creative minds of Steve Orlando and Giopota comes a sexy time-travel romance too powerful to be contained to a single era!

On Kickstarter, Vault Comics states it’s crowdfunding a limited edition “to support our creators’ original vision for Sainted Love,” allowing Orlando and Giopota to create the raunchiest comic book read in the universe! Did someone say bathhouses? Just look at the panel above! Team Beat is excited about the latest creator-owned project from Orlando and the first from Gio; check out the series and widespread release announcements for more information.

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Kobra Olympus #1 – “Battle of the Blood Golem”

Kobra Olympus #1

Creators: Bijhan Agha (Creator/Writer) and Swaptrap (Artist)
Goal: $2,000
End Date: July 31, 2023
Goodies: English and Spanish digital editions, English physical copy, and a retailer’s tier

A comic book about a transgender Muslim superhero fighting a creature known only as a Blood Golem

Written by a trans, multiracial, and Middle Eastern creator, the Kickstarter page reads, “Time Wars: The Adventures of Kobra Olympus is meant to be a 6-issue miniseries about the adventures of a young trans lesbian Muslim” superhero, who is guided by “messages from the future to battle literal monsters who live in the darkness.”

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TSURUGI – High Fantasy WLW Romance

Nerikomi Tōkichirō

Creators: Nerikomi Tōkichirō
Goal: $3,115
End Date: July 13, 2023
Goodies: English and Japanese digital and/or physical editions 

High Fantasy WLW Romance by a new Japanese manga artist.

As an indie manga artist, Nerikomi Tōkichirō says she wanted to read a particular type of story that isn’t easy to come by in Japan, “a story of a smart and charming princess and her fiercely loyal guardian,” so she decided to make her own. “I hope that, with this story I’ve written, I can spread love and appreciation for High Fantasy WLW Romance across the globe,” adds Tōkichirō.

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The Croaking, Volume 2

The Croaking Volume 2

Creators: Megan Grey
Goal: $5,000
End Date: July 13, 2023
Goodies: Softcover and/or hardcover editions, laptop/desktop/mobile wallpaper, signed bookplate, t-shirt, pearlescent prints, Volume 1 softcover and/or hardcover editions, plushies, patches, enamel pins, and a retailer tier

Set in a world of bird-people, social roles in The Croaking are dictated by stereotypes based on a bird’s species. Osprey Ky Cedoc has just moved from the coast, hoping to qualify for an elite covert ops team, but because of his species, his classmates are skeptical he will make it. Complicating matters is Ky’s budding romance with roommate Scra Eldwode, a crow boy he can’t get out of his head. 

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Santa Frances, Volume 2

Santa Frances, Volume 2

Creators: Jean-Frédéric Koné (Creator/Writer/Artist)
Goal: $15,268
End Date: July 23, 2023
Goodies: French and English hardcover editions, set of five postcards, original art, poster, and drawing inside your copy of the book,

Santa Frances, a gay comic about the life and times of a group of guys in a big city – volume 2

Based on Jean-Frédéric Koné’s hit webcomic series, Santa Frances is Sex in the City for gay men. Currently, the publisher is crowdfunding the second volume of the series about four sexy queers living in the big city. This volume compiles episodes 11 through 20 of the webseries in its full, uncensored glory, and it includes a forward penned by Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf).

Volume 1 of the series is still available at

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Alien Heart, Volume 2

Alien Heart Volume 2

Creators: Anna Fitzpatrick (Creator/Writer/Artist)
Goal: $2,525
End Date: July 30, 2023
Goodies: Digital and/or physical edition of Volume 2, or a signed copy; digital edition of Volume 1; holographic sticker; and your name in the special thanks section

According to Anna Fitzpatrick’s website, “Alien Heart is a comic about what it means to be a loser, a weirdo, a freak, a queer, and standing up and kicking ass despite the bastards. The misery of mean kids and the joy of finding your very first gal pal, all set in a post-apocalyptic fever dream of arcade machines, candy and grime.” I’m sold already. However, if you’re not, the comic is available on Tapas to read before you support the crowdfunding campaign.

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