Let’s get lenticular!  We previously showed your two NORMAL covers for DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1, but this morning the lenticular Rorschach cover was revealed in a Geoff Johns tweet, as is tradition. The art is based on previously created art by Dave Gibbons from the comic, and Johns offers a thank you to Gibbons in the tweet, so presumably he wa son board with this.


I dont know how many layers a lenticular cover can have, but the pattern on Rorschach’s mask has a nice morphing effect here, so very effective use of the technology.

And here’s the full cover:


Doomsday Clock aunches in November and brings thw Watchmen characters into the present day DCU, for better or worse.


  1. I wish it weren’t happening. Now that it is, I’m reminded of other unique comics that should have never had continuations… but did.

    I love Ditko’s Charlton heroes, and didn’t like their DC continuations or reboots. I love Kirby’s New Gods characters, who have been put through some truly terrible revamps (with a couple of bright spots). The George Perez Wonder Woman was followed by lots of awful stories. Alan Moore’s stories for Rob Liefeld’s Awesome line rose out of some pretty bad comics, and after him then the line returned whence it came.

    So I feel disappointed. I would rather such work stood alone, and wasn’t messed with by lesser talents. On the other hand, even Alan Moore gave his blessing to Peter Hogan’s continuation of Tom Strong with Chris Sprouse. And I will defend the Air Pirates forever!

  2. This wouldn’t feel so awful and dirty if WATCHMEN hadn’t been trumpeted as a victory for “creators’ rights” back in the day. This is just so sad. DC should be doing what Jenette Khan and Paul Levitz did… gambling on major talent who have bold, evergreen visions like WATCHMEN, DKR, V FOR VENDETTA, RONIN, et al. Hell, even ‘MAZING MAN was dope compared to this WATCHMEN graverobbing shit — at least it was original. This ongoing WATCHMEN fuckery feels like an animal stuck in a deep hole eating its own leg to survive. Sure, it may survive for a little while longer… but at what cost? Afterward, it’s still in a hole. And it’s missing a leg. I don’t think the higher-ups at DC understand the ultimate price of this sort of mega-cynical profiteering. Yay, comics.

  3. Who actually thinks that it’s a good idea to cross characters who were invented to deconstruct and criticize superhero comics with actual superheroes?

  4. @oliver – Why? Who cares? Is your life validated by someone else’s ‘reputation’? Why is his ‘reputation’ worse for not hating that DC is trying to sell a comic property?

    Everyone ‘sells out’.

  5. WATCHMEN was without a doubt a highwater mark for the medium. Let’s remember, though, that WATCHMEN started out as a Charleton Heroes mini-series intended to exploit DC’s acquisition of some rather run-of-the-mill characters and only grew to near-mythic proportions in the years following its original publication. Perhaps Johns and Frank will produce something exceptional, as well. Only time will tell.


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