Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s lovely Image series Descender was picked up by Sony for adaptation into a feature film last year before the first issue even hit the stands. It was even the subject of a big bidding war between studios, with the “House of Spidey” winning out.

Just a little over 12 months later (by a few days), Descender now has a screenwriter in Jesse Wigutow, per The Hollywood Reporter. Wigutow previous credits include a re-write on Bad Santa 2, and a recently completed adaptation of Brian Bendis’ Fire for Universal.

We’ve sung the series’ praises on numerous occasions, and while it’s an uphill climb for any filmmaker to match the gorgeous array of images that Nguyen has been able to conjure within its pages, I’m certainly looking forward to the attempt.

Along with Descender‘s continued development, Essex County, another Lemire classic, was also recently announced for a television adaptation.


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