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If you have been around the nerdier sectors of the net in the last decade, you have surely seen The Brick Testament, by Brendan Powell Smith a loving fumetti recreation of the BIble’s most gruesome, perverted and vengeful moment rendered in Lego brick men and women.

What you may NOT have known is that the whole glorious thing is coming out this month in a paperback from Skyhorse.

Who says print is dead? This profoundly revelatory tome belongs on every book shelf in the nation for continued guidance.


But the Bible is not the only holy text that Smith has turned his posing prowess to. On his Flickr page, he has recently recast Road House with minifigs; the Patrick Swayze/Sam Elliott opus that might be called “The Gospel According to Barroom Brawls.”


Brendan Powell Smith lives by his creed: “Let there be Lego® Brick!”