While we’re sitting overlooking the greenery of the last week of summer there’s already a tinge of fall in the air up here in Maine, and it will soon be time to stowaway the flip flops and dust off the leather jacket.

And not to boast, but if you live in New York City, call is going to be freaking awesome. Here’s an event list for their cartoonists courtesy of Drawn and Quarterly

Friday September 16th, 7 PM: Anders Nilsen for Big Questions & Marc Bell for Pure Pajamas Launch

Thursday September 22nd 7 PM: Adrian Tomine launches Optic Nerve #12

and we and Desert Island are then teaming up with Housing Works to host the following Manhattan events:

Tuesday September 27th, 7 PM: Kate Beaton launches Hark! A Vagrant

Tuesday, October 18th 7PM: Daniel Clowes (The Death-Ray) and Seth (GNBCC) in conversation!

If you are not familiar with Housing Works, they are a NYC charity that benefits homeless people with HIV, and they operate a fantastic bookstore cafe at 126 Crosby St which will be the site of the events for Kate Beaton, Daniel Clowes and Seth!

And that’s not it, we have other NYC events!

Thursday September 15th 192 Books Anders Nilsen launches Big Questions

Sunday, September 18th Brooklyn Book Festival D+Q with Adrian Tomine, Kate Beaton, Anders Nilsen & Marc Bell

Thursday, Sept 30th – Sunday October 2nd D+Q at the NY Art Book Fair at PS 1. Artist list to come.

Saturday, December 3rd Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival. Artist list to come.