Did you catch Monday’s Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer? Are you as excited for this movie as much as I am? Well, here is more to get excited about. Just in time for the film’s release, new Lego Spider-Man sets are coming out based on Spider-Man: Far From Home. Three new sets are making their way to toy stores ahead of the movie’s July opening.
The first set features classic Spider-Man villains Mysterio and Molten Man. In this set, and in the movie, Mysterio and Spider-Man team up to take down Molten Man. Mysterio and Stealth Suit Spider-Man are new minifigs, the Lego Molten Man towers over them at 7″ tall, made up of a mishmash of molten streetscape bricks. Though I’m not exactly sure where Krater Road is located.
Lego Spider-Man: Far From Home Molten Man Mysterio Spider-Man
The second set has Peter Parker and MJ on a romantic Venetian gondola ride, that is until they are terrorized by Hydro-Man. The Hyrdo-Man minifig looks particularly cool, made up of translucent blue parts, riding a blue Lego brick water base. The cafe and bridge both have exploding functions that allow builders to recreate action from the movie. The Peter Parker minifig comes with a Spider-Man half mask to help keep his identity secret.
Lego Spider-Man: Far From Home Hydro Man Mysterio Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson
Finally, we have Spider-Man and Mysterio riding in style alongside Nick Fury and Happy Hogan in the Stark Jet. The jet’s underside hatch opens with the touch of a button, and the set also features drones that fire studs. The set includes minifigs of the four characters. This Spider-Man is in his classic MCU attire.
Lego Spider-Man: Far From Home Stark Jet Happy Hogan Mysterio Nick Fury
The Molten Man Battle set retails for $29.99. Hyrdo-Man Attack retails for $39.99 and Stark Jet retails for $69.99. All three sets should be in stores soon.