The Legion season 3 trailer arrived today in a tweet directly from the show’s Twitter. The trailer for the show’s final season comes on the heels of a new poster released yesterday. In it, Aubrey Plaza’s character stares through the screen directly at a horde of restless fans when she says “Sorry for the wait. Was it awful?” Based on this look, Legion’s final season will be just as trippy as each of its predecessors. In just sixty seconds, there’s a Cerebro tease, a definite glance toward time travel and… a cult?
Absolutely anything goes in a show where nothing and everything matters. The Legion season 3 trailer opens with voices speculating about what Legion is; a prophet, a god? Immortal? A mutant? Another character suspects he’ll end the world. Regardless, he’s in danger and it seems the only way to save himself is to jump backwards in time to warn himself of the coming danger.

Some fans worried Legion might fold under pressure from more traditional audiences, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Legion (Dan Stevens) is a schizophrenic mutant whose powers vary depending on the personality he’s occupying at any given moment. As you might imagine, it’s a show with endless possibilities that’s always unexpected and sometimes unnerving. Though it’s a bit divisive for that reason, show runner Noah Hawley has certainly captured the spirit of this character.
Legion‘s final season premiers June 24 on FX. Wanna get caught up before then? Seasons 1 and 2 are available now on Hulu.