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Gypsy Danger! If there was ever a no brainer in this transmedia world where comics are a nice placeholder and more between filmed entertainment outing, it’s tat the world needs Pacific Rim comic book. The controversial film wasn’t considered a box office hit but has rapidly become a cult movie with a strong fanbase. And now Legendary, which procued the movie, is putting out a comic from its publishing arm.

The new series will be presented by Guilermo del Toro and plotted by Pacific Rim creator Travis Beacham, with writer Joshua Fialkov (The Bunker, I, Vampire, Elk’s Run) and artist Marcos Marz (Batman Confidential, Blackest Night: JSA) produced the comics. Release details are to come, but Pacific Rim: Tales From the Drift picks up where the Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero graphic novel left off, with new kaiju, new Jaegers, and more giant monsters battling giant robots.

AND also a contest to win a page of original artwork; enter here.

The book comes out in November and runs as a four issue mini series.


Legendary is also ramping up its original content with two new titles. And They Are:

black bag

• With Black Bag, Legendary jumps on the popular female protagonist bandwagon. Chris Roberson and artist JB Bastos portray the adventures of a suburban wife-turned-covert government assassin.

A suburban housewife with a criminal past and a thirst for adrenaline is about to get a top-secret side job: carrying out the government’s most dangerous missions.

Renear is tired of playing by the rules. A valedictorian and top athlete in her younger years, she’s sacrificed a promising career to tie the knot and play house… isn’t there more to life than this? Of course there is – if you’re willing to take the shot.

It’s time the world found out what she is truly capable of.

The 6-issue espionage thriller written by Chris Roberson (Superman Grounded, Fables, iZombie), featuring artwork by JB Bastos (Night Trap).

Release Date: Fall 2015
Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: J.B. Bastos
Colorist: Jamie Grant
Length of Series: 6 issue monthly series
Price: $3.99 single-issue cover price


Cops for Criminals.jpg

• Cops for Criminals is by Steven Grant and Pete Woods, a crime-thriller about a federal agent forced to find true justice in the criminal underworld.

When a federal agent becomes a victim of the system he has sworn to uphold, he finds true justice in the criminal underworld.
Agent Woods was one of the best – but everything changed when he was wrongfully convicted and labeled a traitor. After serving his time, this ex-convict is cut loose onto the lawless streets to fight corruption on both sides of the law. Even criminals need a code – and every code needs an enforcer.
The 5-issue crime-thriller series is written by Steven Grant (Punisher War Journal, Avengers, Hulk, X) with art from Pete Woods (Deadpool, Robin, Catwoman).
Release Date: Fall 2015
Writer: Steven Grant
Artist: Pete Woods
Format: 5 issue monthly series
Price: $3.99 single-issue cover price


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  1. Hopefully they can sell the comic book in China, where the movie was much more popular than it was in North America. In fact, the only reason a sequel is planned for 2017 is the Chinese box office.

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