I don’t even watch basketball, but while passing TVs of late I noticed some guy playing basketball who seemed to be wearing a sinister mask that made him look like Doctor Doom’s henchman. Turns out it’s Lebron James, who broke his nose a few weeks ago and has been wearing a protective device since then. It does kind of look like a Green Lantern type thing, but it doesn’t look very comfortable.

Despite his discomfort, Lebron was able to score 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats the other night. (For non sports fans, that is quite a few points.)

Lebron is not unaware of the comics connection with his mask, telling the AP that he was going to “wear a mask like Bane, or some other comic book character. I’ve been talking to Marvel Comics for the last couple of days, and DC Comics, to try to come up with one of the greatest masks of all time.”


I don’t know how long he’ll have to wear the mask, but time may be running out, so Greg Land jumped right on it and tweeted his design:

If Lebron, one of the most popular athletes in the world, DOES show up i a superhero themed mask, I think it will be the ultimate “Milk Council” moment for comics. I’ve long said we don’t need a Milk Council any more, but there it is.

What comics artist would you like to see design the mask for Lebron? Personally, I’d go with Eichiiro Oda or Renee French…something like that.


  1. It MIGHT have been LeBron James at that game but since he’s wearing a mask we can’t know for sure.

  2. Artist to design a mask? Tradd Moore, artist of Luther Strode / new Ghost Rider.

    I could see this becoming popular to the point that other players start breaking their noses on purpose. Haha!

  3. The black mask from a few days ago looked great, and the superhero angle is a natural connection to make. I heard that the NBA commissioner made him switch to the standard clear mask, though (the likes of which many other players with broken noses have worn before). Don’t know if that came to pass, but the black mask was much cooler.

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