DC Super Hero Girls introduces new takes on highly recognizable DC characters as they attempt to navigate heroics and high school. Although the show fits into a growing demographic of shows about young girls that are made for children of all genders, the animation landscape didn’t always look this way, which is something series developer Lauren Faust knows all too well.
In addition to DC Super Hero Girls, Faust is also the series creator on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and she has worked on several projects with her husband Craig McCracken, including The Powerpuff Girls. In fact, it was a call to McCracken that got Faust started on DC Super Hero Girls in the first place, back when it was just a series of shorts that stalled on any further development despite their success.
At WonderCon ’19, Faust, supervising director Jennifer Kluska, art director Valerio Ventura and voice actor Grey Griffin explained the genesis behind DC Super Hero Girls and the long road to having it produced as a proper series. Watch our full interview with the team below! Then be sure to subscribe to The Beat on YouTube for more.


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