Here’s a new social media/commerce site that has an interface geared at people who collect: Hazarai!. Let’s call it Etsy meets eBay for nerds—you can list stuff you want to sell with no fees. They also have a blog with such useful content as a holiday gift guide, a good interview with David Lloyd about Aces Weekly and a post where folks from Jeffrey Brown to Paul Pope talk about their most treasured collectibles.

Here’s an excerpt from the Lloyd interview:

DL:  I just asked.  One of the reasons why I’ve managed to get these guys and girls on board is that I said to them “You can do 21 pages of whatever you like.”  I say that because I know that’s one of the things that attracts people.  Creators rarely get asked that, they get asked by publishers “Oh, can you do Green Lantern, can you do this, we’d like you to do a new version of this” but they rarely get asked to do anything they like.  So that attracted people in a major way.  But I can’t honestly give you any other clues as to why people came on board with this other than they liked the idea, they liked the concept. We all express ourselves best when we have no limits to what we want to express.  It’s just beautiful, beautiful stuff.

If you’re looking to buy something geeky, poking around the main Hazarai! site should find something for the nerd on your list. Like who wouldn’t want earrings in the shape of Link’s fireshield from LEGEND OF ZELDA? No brainer!



  1. I think they are being ironic with the name. I just checked it out and saw Amazing Fantasy #15 and some other crazy key issues on there too.

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