The Image remake of the Extreme Studios comics line as a HEAVY METAL-infused SF line has been one of the funner things about the past year in comics, but one title, GLORY, is ending after 12 issues. The cover is above and creators Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell supply an exit interview at ComicsAlliance:

JK: The way Eric Stephenson approached me about it was comparing it to what Walt Simonson did on Thor and what Frank Miller did on Daredevil, and that seemed like a really interesting experiment. To take this character and not negate any continuity — and even as far out as Prophet is, it doesn’t negate any continuity — and that intrigued me. I liked the challenge of it, to take this thing that’s been lapsed for a long time and do something new and cool with it.

RC: It’s fun to have that thing to do a riff on and use as a springboard. Working within some kind of limits, I think, fosters being creative and going nuts, and that was fun too. I could just look at all the old Glory art. I can’t remember who drew the old stuff —

It isn’t clearly stated exactly why the book ended after a mere 12 issue run—something to do with a storyline that wasn’t meant to go 100 issues—but it was a good run, even if Frank Miller and Walt Simonson had attention spans for working on comics that dwarf even the most successful teams today.


  1. This run has been amazing. I was attracted to it thanks to Ross (he’s an amazing artist), but now, I’m also gonna follow Joe Keatinge to Marvel (Morbius) ecause I was also impressed by his writing skills.

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