Hot on the heels of the series debut in January, Mad Cave Studios imprint Papercutz has set a release date for the next book in The Inventor series by author/illustrator Lars Henrik EriksenThe Inventor, Volume 2: The Secret of the Scrap Goblin will hit shelves this fall and The Beat has all the details.

In The Inventor Vol. 1: The Dangerous Discovery, Cobalt Cogg and his friend Linnea wreak accidental havoc with one of Cobalt’s grandfather’s inventions. Cobalt wants to grow up to be just like his grandfather, Alfred, but this accident makes him feel like he might never be able to create things of the same caliber.

In Vol. 2: The Secret of the Scrap Goblin, Cobalt goes on a quest to find his grandfather and travels to the sprawling city of Basara, where there’s always a feeling of strangeness. Their hometown, Mata-Mata, is still in chaos from the events of The Dangerous Discovery, and Cobalt feels obligated to fix his mess—ideally with Alfred’s help.

But the mysterious Scrap Goblin, who spends his time conducting bizarre experiments in Basara’s underground, has other plans. He forces Cobalt to help him invent a new energy source more powerful than the Alpha-Energy dealt with in the first book… but at what cost?

The Inventor Volume 2 cover art by Lars Henrik Eriksen
(Papercutz / Mad Cave Studios)

“I hope that children will see how fun it is to create something entirely on their own. It doesn’t have to be inventions or comics, but maybe they will write something, or play an instrument, or express themselves in another way,” said Eriksen. “You don’t have to be very talented or very good at something to create something completely unique. As long as it’s genuine and comes from you, I believe that it will touch others.”

Editor Adam Wallenta added, “The Inventor is the kind of book that will intrigue readers of all ages. Kids will fall in love with the beautifully illustrated world of Mata-Mata as they follow Cobalt on his journey to be a great inventor like his grandpa and help the people in his community. As a parent myself, I love to read these kinds of stories with my children. The characters are imperfect and complicated and their personal journeys are about discovery and growth. It is a pleasure getting to know them and see how they evolve.

“Lars Henrik Eriksen is an extremely talented author/illustrator and he has created a fascinating world, filled with interesting characters and intriguing mysteries that will leave you wanting to read more. Personally I can’t wait to read the next volume and find out what’s going to happen next,” Wallenta continued.

The Inventor Vol. 2: The Secret of the Scrap Goblin will be available wherever books are sold on September 24. Pre-orders are available now.