ENGENEs, K-Pop sensation ENHYPEN has some exciting news: they’re making a comeback to the webtoon world. 

WEBTOON has announced its latest collaboration with HYBE, the company that has birthed the likes of other K-Pop groups BTS, TXT, and Le Sserafim. After more than two years since their first webtoon series, ENHYPEN is adding another installment to their Dark Moon series called Children of Vamfield by Dark Moon which visits the characters’ origins when they were living in an orphanage. As withthe first series, ENHYPEN will collaborate with HYBE and WEBTOON in the creation of the story.

CHILDREN OF VAMFIELD by DARK MOON cover with all seven characters

Years before meeting Sooha, the mysterious transfer student whose appearance triggers the chain of events in Dark Moon: The Blood Altar, the seven boys were orphans at Vamfield House. Although well taken care of and happy, the seven boys realize things aren’t as they seem at Vamfield House after they discover a secret room. hidden in the orphanage. And after living for a century, the seven of them are thrust into the human world without knowing their true identities as vampires. Children of Vamfield by Dark Moon takes fans back to the beginning where it all began.

The first series starring ENHYPEN, Dark Moon: The Blood Altar, launched in WEBTOON on Jan. 15, 2022 and concluded with 70 episodes and a special episode on Oct. 14, 2023. The vampire webtoon series garnered an impressive 56 million views, the most out of all of the HYBE/WEBTOON collaboration series. The fantasy series revolves around the tension between vampires and werewolves. While Dark Moon: The Blood Altar‘s story is from the vampires’ perspectives, the story is also told from the werewolves’ points of view in the spin-off series Dark Moon: The Grey City which stars another group from HYBE, &Team. 

Each character from Dark Moon: The Blood Altar is based off of each member from ENHYPEN with the storyline based off of their music videos including their 2021 hit “Drunk-Dazed.” Released alongside the webtoon series, a webnovel edition was published on Wattpad which features a storyline that diverges from the webtoon. The physical edition of Dark Moon: The Blood Altar, published by Ize Press, was released on Dec. 12, 2023.

The prequel series launched on WEBTOON on March 16 and will update every Sunday. For ENGENEs (which is the name of the group’s fandom), who might need a refresher on the first series, Dark Moon: The Blood Altar is also available to read on the platform.

Source: Press release