Next year PaperCutz will introduce young readers to a new graphic novel franchise. The kids comics imprint of Mad Cave Studios will release The Inventor, Volume One: The Dangerous Discovery in January 2024. The book comes from Norwegian creator Lars Henrik Eriksen, and follows Cobalt Cogg, a young scientist in the fantastical faraway land of Mata-Mata.

Here’s how PaperCutz describes The Inventor, Volume One: The Dangerous Discovery:

Discover the vibrant island of Mata-Mata with long-time residents Cobalt Cogg and his grandfather, Alfred. Cobalt wants to grow up to be like his grandpa – an inventor! But when he and his friend, Linnea, get into an accident with one of Alfred’s inventions, all hopes for creating seem lost. Can Cobalt recover and move forward with his friends and family? Plus: learn about Alpha-Energy and all the ways it can help! And is there something more to this mysterious energy source? Process all this and grief, joy, health, and creativity, in this fantastical coming-of-age graphic novel.

The Inventor, Volume One: The Dangerous Discovery was originally published in Norway in 2021 by Egmont Kids Media, under the title Oppfinneren – og jakten på evighetsmaskinen (The Inventor: The Hunt for the Infinity Machine). The book is the debut graphic novel for creator Lars Henrik Eriksen, who took part in and won a 2018 comics competition held by Egmont, with The Inventor being the end result.

Lars Henrik Eriksen

In a statement announcing the U.S. release from PaperCutz, Eriksen expressed his excitement at the book being available to a new audience:

“I find it incredibly exciting to know that children in the US will soon have the opportunity to read ‘The Inventor’ and get to know the aspiring inventor Cobalt, his friend Linnea, and the colorful turtles and people of Mata-Mata. I wish for children and youth to see the joy they can get from creating. It does not have to be creating inventions per se, but it could be creating visual art or music or writing etc. I hope the joy I got from making this book is visible, and also contagious. Creating is not about being talented or skillful, but I think it should be about putting your heart into what you are making.”

The 152-page The Inventor, Volume One: The Dangerous Discovery is due out in stores on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024.


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