§ The Spider-Man musical has an ending! And it’s in a “triumphant manner.” Spoiler there, guys.

The new finale includes a freshly conceived flying sequence in which the character Peter Parker/Spider-Man is airborne, flying around the Foxwoods Theater in a triumphant manner, according to a member of the production team. This person spoke on condition of anonymity because the producers did not want details of the finale given away.
A spokesman for the production, Rick Miramontez, would only say on Wednesday night that the new ending involved “an airborne finale moment that will be familiar to Spider-Man fans around the world.”


§ Paolo Rivera’s dad is now inking for him, and the results are pleasing.

§ One of those nano-cent-per-word articles at eHow answers How Much Money Can a Good Comic Book Artist Make? :

Many factors go into determining a comic book artist’s salary. If the artist is the writer, he may receive more money. However, the major difference in salary is the popularity of the comic book. According to the business journal “Portfolio,” top artists can earn approximately $1,000 per page of artwork. Best-selling comic books are typically released monthly and are usually 22 pages. So, a top yearly salary can reach $264,000, though “Portfolio” indicates a cap at around $250,000 a year for top artists.

Next: how much money can a BAD comic book artist make?

§ Molly McIsaac picks some manga to watch in 2011.


§ As the Comics Code Authority fades forever into obscurity, Scott Edelman publishes a letter by Gerry Conway to the then-head, the feared Len Darvin.

§ We left Shaenon T. Garrity’s picks for best comics criticism out yesterday. Here it is.

§ Speaking of which, the judges worked on the list for a solid year. Dear god.

§ The title says it all: ‘Steampunk Palin’ Comic More Insane Than You Imagined.

§ Unlikely team-up: Beat contributor Jen Vaughn happened to be in Dallas and happened to take a picture of Brad Meltzer at a signing. BTW. Meltzer’s TV show Decoded is now airing on the History Channel, and it’s all about secrets and mysteries. Good stuff.

§ There are many works by Daniel Clowes that would make fine movies, Chris Arrant tells us.

§ Finally, an email we just got tells us that “EXCITEMENT BUILDS FOR NEW ORLEANS COMIC CON.” Alright now.


  1. Not the Spider-Man ‘end’ I expected but it’s nice to see some good news. Hope the show has finally pulled itself together.

  2. Man, I hate those clueless, pandering, obnoxious “how much money can make?” articles. And this one about comic book artists is as worthless as they come. First of all, in today’s market, I highly doubt any artist is getting a $1000 page rate. Please. And even if someone is, it’s certainly not on a monthly book, so that quarter million dollar yearly potential is ridiculous.

    Not that some creators aren’t making really good money, but they’re most likely managing through Hollywood money, royalties, and the fact that they represent the top 0.01% of everyone toiling in the industry.

  3. Indeed. If you have a $1000/page artist on a book, you’d have to team him with a $250-$300/page writer plus a $150/page colorist, plus a $1500/cover artist, because you can’t attach a big name artist to a no-name writer. Plus you’d have to attach some big advertising budget to it, meaning you have to sell a shitload of books to make it popular.

    Mind you: it’s not unheard of: the Belgian mega success Largo Winch-series had a colorist that got paid €1000/page! And she still got fired because she wasn’t good enough!

  4. Other than maybe 4 artists…no one in comics makes a grand a page.

    And these artists arent doing a monthly book.

    Real average is about $200 a pencil page. Most lower, and a few higher.

    the truth.

  5. Thanks for the confirmation, Jimmy. I certainly know the page rate I get as a writer, and having many artist friends, I knew the typical range for pencils and/or inks.

    This reminds me of many years back, when Image had a huge hit with The Red Star and rumors were flying around that the colorist (of all people) was charging $10K/page on his other projects! Riiiiight.

  6. The ass-kissing that Gerry Conway has to do in his letter to the Code Guy, arguing for the right to write “son of a–“, is all the argument you need for why the Code was a form of censorship, and should not be mourned.

  7. “The new finale includes a freshly conceived flying sequence in which the character Peter Parker/Spider-Man is airborne, flying around the Foxwoods Theater in a triumphant manner”

    …and then the actor will fall and die.

  8. I caught Brad’s act at the Chicago Borders today. Great crowd, despite it being about 10 below outside. Mix of comics fans and book fans — and at least half of the crowd was women, which I thought was awesome and unusual.
    Brad’s presentation was great and included a DVD of him “rehearsing” his various poses for the DECODED opening credits. A true riot.