Sheigh Crabtree is there:

Despite a grim convention room backdrop, Friends of Lulu organizers did what they could to personalize the scene. A cold lemonade dispenser and a bowl of cubed ice with tongs sat next to a covered table chock-a-block with frosted brownies, trays decorated with tiny purple flowers. The sweet nothings were a 360-degree switch from Comic-Con’s standard grubby Mountain-Dew-and-cold-pizza affair.

Obviously, organizers of the Friends of Lulu Awards are not rolling in the rewards of porn-ish, breast-baring, Girls Gone Wild commercial success. Run as a nonprofit, Friends of Lulu is a national organization whose main purpose is to promote and encourage female readership and participation in the comic book industry. This year is the first time they opened voting to non-Lulu members, resulting in over 1,000 nominations and votes, their biggest response to the Lulu Awards to date.


  1. So sorry to disappoint you Elayne! Sadly, no. Chocolate-covered strawberries were beyond our budget this year… but the brownies were mighty fine!!!

    We’ll try extra hard for next year, ok! :)