…and then perhaps enjoy a heart lunch. After last week’s kerfuffle over who is running the Denver Comic Con, and the use of the money raised by the the non-profit for their Comic Book Classroom program, there were some mini salvos, as reported in full by Kevin Melrose. An infographic was released by the con folks showing where the money is:

Click to access prelim2013CBCfinancials_vf.pdf

Charlie LaGreca, the con co-founder whose ouster seemed to spark the brouhaha, released another statement, and then a joint statement was released, along with he announcement that a lanned town hall LaGreca ws holding to “save Denver Comic Con” has been cancelled. The statement reads:

“Charlie La Greca and Comic Book Classroom have both come to an agreement to re-enter into a mediation process to address the current situation. Each party fully expects to communicate truthfully with the intention of supporting CBC’s mission and community.

The Town Hall scheduled for today February 23rd, 2014 @ 3pm has been postponed.

Thanks to everybody on all sides. This is an incredibly positive step for the community and we look forward to finding resolution.”

And so, the private hashing out begins.

ONe takeaway from all of his: DCC raised $1.3 million in revenue according to the above infographic, and a cash reserve of about $429,000. Whil201402192018.jpge CBC and DCC are a non-profit, you can see why people are getting into the convention business left and right: it’s a lot more profitable than actually making comics.


  1. Conventions and big money. Yes. Yes it is. Which is why, when you were polling creators at the end of last year over what would be the big news of 2014, those few that mentioned conventions and a demand for guests were the closest to the right answer, I think. The audience is still fractured but everyone, it seems, still wants to go to a convention. I call it the Comic-Con Effect since so many want to go to San Diego, heard about it and the guests for years, but can’t go so they go to their local con instead.

    Good to hear both sides are talking and can, hopefully, mend things.

  2. It would be nice if they separated out the 65% programming expense into DDC, Rocky Mountain Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels, and Comic Book Classroom.

    Also, where are the tax forms from 2012-2013 (for the period ending July 2013)?

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