Kirsten Dunst actually wore that Rodarte Star Wars dress to the Met Gala


There is only one night of the year to challenge the Oscars as the fashion highlight of the year, and it’s the Metropolitan Museum of Arts’ annual Costume Institute Gala, this year celebrating designer Charles James and Vogue icon Anna Wintour. (You may recall many moons ago the theme was superheroes!) Everyone who is anyone is there dressed to the nines. It is pure fashion for fashion’s sake, the most beautiful people in the most beautiful clothes. This year Beyoncé and Jay-Z were there. Kimye was there. Michelle Obama was there. Kate Upton was there. And Kirsten Dunst was there, actually wearing one of those Star Wars gowns by Rodarte we told you about a while ago. While we thought that a Comic-Con somewhere would be the proper venue to display one of these frocks, Kiki took it right to the heart of fashion—she is frequently seen in Rodarte so it wasn’t much of a stretch, but so geeky! I’m sure this is going to be much derided.

What do you think? Fug or fab?

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