We may have to start a whole new site just to keep up with everything Robert Kirkman. Seems as though the creator of the institution known as The Walking Dead has been entertainment’s golden goose over the last few years with various TV projects and an Invincible movie. It’s not changing anytime soon, as IGN revealed Kirkman’s comic Thief of Thieves comic would get its own video game.

Developed by Rival Games, creators of The Detail, Thief of Thieves will be a stealth based heist game. Such as with the Telltale’s Walking Dead games, it will feature a branching narrative based on decision but incorporate tactics such as social engineering and lockpicking. The protagonist of the game is Celia, the protege of the eponymous master thief Conrad “Redmond” Paulson. Thief of Thieves Season One will be released in four episodes early 2018 on STEAM PC.

For those attending SDCC 2017, the game will be available to try out. We’ll have our impressions here on KirkmanBeat…I mean ComicsBeat from the show.