Everything old is new again, especially if it was animated in the ’90s or early aughts and especially if it can be made live-action somehow. Disney, in particular, has taken a shine to reimagining some of its animated classics in live-action form, though the studio isn’t limiting itself to films: it’s pulling from classic Disney TV shows, too, including Kim Possible.

On Friday, Disney released the first trailer for its new Disney Channel Original Movie, which offers up Spy Kids-style aesthetics to establish Kim’s origin story for a new generation of fans. The animated series ran from 2002-2007 and featured the voice talents of Christy Carlson Romano as Kim, Will Friedle as her best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable, and Nancy Cartwright as Ron’s naked molerat, Rufus. Kim’s arch-nemeses, Shego and Dementor, were voiced by Nicole Sullivan and Patton Oswalt, respectively. There was also an animated movie released in 2005.

In the live action film, a new cast takes on these iconic roles: Sadie Stanley plays Kim, Sean Giambrone plays Ron and Taylor Ortega plays Shego. Some things, however, remain the same: Oswalt will reprise his role as Dementor and Kim’s iconic ringtone hasn’t changed, which is a relief. Plus, she’s still trying to balance being a high school student and saving the world.

Check out the first Kim Possible trailer below and catch the movie on the Disney Channel in March 2019.


  1. I don’t really see the 90’s aesthetics…. and both Kim Possible and Spy Kids were released in the early 00’s.

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