Denver-based comics publisher Kilgore Books & Comics has announced its fall publishing lineup via a crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding campaign aims to help publish those 4 new comics and also serves as a pre-ordering incentive. The list of comics includes The Plunge by Emi Gennis, a story about the first person (Annie Taylor Edison) to go down Niagara Falls in a barrel and live; What Happened by Simon Moreton, a comic simply listed as a story of “youth, change and finding one’s way in the world”; The Complete Scorched Earth by Tom Van Deusen about fictional Tom Van Deusen bumbling his way through life; and Blammo #9, the latest issue of Noah Van Sciver’s long running series.


The aim of the Kilgore Books & Comics as stated in their Kickstarter campaign is to “bridge the gap between self-publishing and the bigger publishing houses. We want to find talented cartoonists with unique voices and help them when they need it most by ensuring they have professional looking books and plenty of stock. We’re also able to pay royalties up front, and help take some of the logistics off artists which lets them focus on their work.”

Amongst the comics of interest is the ninth issue of Noah Van Sciver’s Blammo series. Blammo is an annual collection of short stories ranging from autobiography to fiction, horror to history. He’s created a fascinating body of work over the last 8 years that this series has run and this latest issue promises new work by a relentlessly entertaining cartoonist.


Emi Gennis’ comic also looks quite interesting. The story of Annie Taylor Edison is unusual and quite fascinating. She was 63 years old when she got into a custom-made barrel of her own design to go down Niagara Falls. Gennis’ style seems incredibly well-suited for this type of tale.

You can help support Kilgore Books & Comics crowdfunding campaign and pre-order their latest books on Kickstarter.