Oh yeah speaking of Thought Bubble apparently it was amazing and incredible and love and comics flowed like a beacon of light in a dark world of chaos. OR something. Kieron Gillen, sort of a founding patron of the show, has a full length report with playlists and everything. :

This was the biggest one ever, and also the most efficient. There’s always firefighting at the con, but the ones which happened were entirely out of control of the organisers, namely the weather. The helpers were as good as any con as we’ve ever been at. The queue management was pretty damn slick. Lisa and the whole crw

(My main worry about the con was whether the queue situation is hurting smaller retailers. With so many big names at the con, people have had to stand and wait for long periods to meet people and get signatures. That means there’s a lot of traffic tied up at once, which may impact on people spending less? I don’t know. If anyone had any experience, I’d like to hear of it.)

Held every year in Leeds, Thought Bubble is definitely one of the premiere international shows, sort of a more mainstream TCAF. I hope to go someday.


  1. It was a fantastic show, in my opinion. Very well organized. They took good care of us at the show. Fans were in a good mood, happy and friendly and there was a constant flow of them at my table. Loved it. Very pleasant experience.

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