Writer Kieron Gillen hasn’t succumbed to the newsletter thing yet (I think?) he sticks with the old fashioned Tumblr method of communicating with friends and readers! So old fashioned. While I Ws running around last week, Gillen posted a BOMBSHELL post about things he’s working on, including a New SEERIT Marvel project. And other secret things.

UNANNOUNCED MARVEL THING - Two issues written. Inks arriving for the first issue, which are an utter delight. I think people will love it. It’s an ongoing.

UNANNOUNCED 5 ISSUE THING: Horror comic with a music bent. I’ve said I’d write it for someone for over a year now, and really should get down to it. That it hasn’t been urgent means I haven’t had to priortise it, but now I’m ahead on basically all my work by a considerable amount means I really should. I believe this will be 2017, or maybe early 2018.

ONE-OFF WFH ISSUE: Need to write a tight synopsis for this, but it’s basically a chance to play with an icon for a publisher I’ve wanted to work with for a long time. 

THE SPANGLY NEW THING: I had an idea for something at SDCC which instantly jumped to the top of the queue of things I want to write. I think it’s the best idea I’ve had since WicDiv, and maybe even better than that – it’s a purer idea anyway, though I suspect not as commercial. If it happens – and I’m still talking to the artist about it – that’ll be 2017.

EDIT: Actually, one more…

THE GRAPHIC NOVELLA: An artist friend and I are talking about doing a short form “thing.” 44-60 pages. Much more indie comics than people will be used to from me. A Love story, of a sort.

Gillen has been away from Marvel superhero writing for a while, although he did write the now cancelled Darth Vader. The “one off” “Icon” for a publisher he’s wanted to work for would seem to be DC, but maybe it’s….ARCHIE. Gillen for Reggie Mantle!

In another post, Gillen tackled the business ethics of comics:

The wariness around it is, as you surmise, due to complicated feelings around the situation, and often not popular feelings at the current stage in the discourse. I’m very careful about what I want to say, as I’m aware that they’ll likely be lines that could be taken out of context and used for means contrary to my beliefs and (for those acting in bad faith) as a stick to beat me.

In other words, I’d appreciate taking the whole flow of an argument. It goes to some areas I suspect people will be surprised with, considering the work I do. Or, as will become clear, I choose to do.

Given all that I won’t quote it, so just go read it. It does comment on many of the matters that we talk about here all the time including problematic material and the artist’s responsibility. Good reading.

PS: The Kickstarter for UBER, the alternate WWII history that Gillen is writing for Avatar is fully funded, but a few hours left for goodies.