Ever been the new guy in an unfamiliar place? Or have friends who don’t really like going to cons? The Nerd Out app for iOS and Android is on a mission to make the landscape of pop culture a more social friendly place.

Nerd Out is an app all about sharing and attending events with nerds like you! By using a calendar app where you can list and discover events! It provides a safe place for adults & kids alike to explore events in their local areas. You can currently find nerd events for 35 locations. Connect with friends and even submit your own events.

A barebones basic version of the app has been available for use in a handful of states and select European cities for about 15 months. Currently, the group is nearing the end of a KickStarter which will be used to expand into a fully fleshed out app experience. That means more “nerds” will be able to find events to attend in more places and utilize new functions such as messaging, social walls, and geo-tagging.


An app like this definitely could do a lot. Not only by giving people fuller weekend calendars, but also as a way for comic book shops to attract new potential customers by promoting themselves through events in the app. Creative industry pros might be able to use it in order to promote signings or other appearances. Book clubs, Alamo Drafthouse movie gatherings, drink-n-draws; there’s a lot of potential gold to be mined from a tool like this.

Check out the Nerd Out app’s Kickstarter with loads of digital and physical rewards here.


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