Let’s spend an hour showcasing some of the excellent-looking comic Kickstarters which are currently underway, eh? Recent statistics suggest that the success rate for comic book Kickstarter campaigns is somewhere around 50%, meaning that this medium is the most successful on the site. Go comic fans! Now let’s push that even higher by supporting some new campaigns.


Cover by Tristan Jones and Doug Garbark

Such as Toe Tag Riot, from the creative team of Matt Miner, Sean Von Gorman, and John Rauch. This is a four-issue miniseries, and the Kickstarter campaign is to fund the artistic team completing the issues themselves. The concept is of a zombie comic, but one where the zombies are our heroes – because they’re going to use their brain-eating skills to head over to the Westborough Baptist Church and go eat some homophobes.


So, yes, immediately a somewhat controversial pitch for a series, admittedly. The story sees an aspiring punk band cursed so that they turn into zombies whenever they play a concert – with the curser not quite realising that this is actually beneficial to the band’s cause, because punk fans LOVE zombies. Their curse launches them to fame, but also forces them to make some questionable ethical choices such as “whose brains are we ALLOWED to eat?”

Their decision? To go eat racists, homophobes, sexists and the like – One Million Moms and the Westborough Baptist Church both head up on their hit-list as they travel the country, playing gigs and eating brains along the way.


Interior art

Looking for a target of $19000 to fund the entire miniseries in one go, the project can be found here.

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