The webcomic series Strong Female Protagonist has a Kickstarter running to take the series to print, and has already crushed the original target funding harder than Godzilla stamping on innocent civilians. From the creative team of Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag, the funding for the project is currently somewhere above the $20000 range, after they asked for $8000.


Blimey. The power of webcomics strikes once more, for this series about a superpowered hero called Alison Green who used to spend her days pummelling villains and beating up evil robots. But one day she fights a mindreading enemy who shows her evidence of some far bigger problems out there which can’t be solved through punching – and Alison goes on a journey of discovery.

Living in New York, she spends her time trying to live a socially-conscious day life, but finds that supercrime keeps finding her. Struggling to maintain her regular life, sort out her worldview, AND punch up monsters, the series is a brilliantly realised look at the unexpectedly tangled life of a superhero.


And hey, this comes Beat-approved, as Hannah picked it for one of her favourite webcomics.

They’ve already hit their target, but you can take a look for yourself by heading here!


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