When plagues gives you lemons, make tasty lemonade. Kickstarter has just announced their plans for The Worlds of Kickstarter Comics, a free anthology that was planned to debut during this year’s TCAF. Since there is no TCAF, it’s going out in conjunction with  Alt Free Comics Day (AltFCD), a two day online event organized by Russell Nohelty that will be held this weekend.

The anthology, which includes excerpts from comics that were funded on Kickstarter over the last few years, will be FREE to download for everyone who subscribes to the Kickstarter Reads newsletter by May 2 (that’s Saturday!).

world of kickstarter comics anthology
Art by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

Kickstarters Comics Outreach Lead Camilla Zhang write more about the project:

We announced the plan for the project earlier this year, putting a call out on Twitter for nominations. We received over 300 unique nominations from 533 backers and fans. From there, a diverse committee of dedicated comics fans who work at Kickstarter selected 12 finalists (all from successful Kickstarter projects) and we’re proud to reveal them here:

  • “Journeys” by Jeffrey Veregge from Moonshot Vol. 2 
  • “Soft Physics by Blue Delliquanti from FTL, Y’all! 
  • “Day at the Park” by Eliot Rahal and Jason Copland from All We Ever Wanted 
  • “The Whisperer” by Arianne Hokoki from Power & Magic Vol. 1 
  • “Another World” by Sadan from Naked Body 
  • “Breath, Plucked from Heaven” by Shivana Sookdeo from ELEMENTS: Fire 
  • “The Flourishing Feast” by Juliette GMM Lopez from Heartwood
  • “Mind & Body” by Mady G. from Corpus 
  • “Wash Day” by Jamila Rowser and Robyn Smith
  • “La Voz de M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo” by Henry Barajas and Jason “Gonzo” Gonzalez
  • “Singular They” by Melanie Gillman from We’re Still Here 
  • “Johnny Wander Travelogue” by Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota

We’re also honored to announce that our afterword was written by none other than Ngozi Ukazu, creator of Check, Please! 

AltFCD starts tomorrow with a keynote from Marv Wolfman and then gets rolling with panels featuring Cecil Castellucci (Batgirl, Shade, the Changing Girl), Roye Okupe (Malika, E.X.O.), and Kevin Eastman. 

You can see the whole schedule here:

“Main Stage” 

The main stage are the panels that are streamed on this site, along with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch. You’ll be able to see and interact with our panel of amazing guests through our live video stream and comment feed.

Day 1 – Friday, May 1st

9 am PDT/ 12 pm EDT – Keynote with Jimmy Palmiotti

10 am PDT/ 1 pm EDT – Developing an idea with Barbara Kesel and Walter Ostlie

11 am PDT/ 2 pm EDT – Writing the Script with Shannon Denton, Kelly Sue Milano, and Fabrice Sapolsky

12 pm PDT/ 3 pm EDT – Keynote with Marv Wolfman

1 pm PDT/ 4 pm EDT – Finding and working with an artists with Tony Puryear and Lee Kohse

2 pm PDT /5 pm EDT – Revision and editing with Samantha Knapp, Joe LeFavi, and Jim Higgins

3 pm PDT/ 6 pm EDT – How to work with comic shops with Eddie DeAngelini, Ryan Liebowitz, and Carmelo Chimera

Day 2 – Saturday, May 2nd

9 am PDT/ 12 pm EDT – Drawing Blood panel with Kevin Eastman, David Avallone, Ben Bishop, and Troy Little

10 am PDT/ 1 pm EDT – Social media and building a platform with Ruthann Thompson and Raena Merritt

11 am PDT/ 2 pm EDT – Getting press with Dan Wickline and Hannibal Tabu

12 pm PDT/ 3 pm EDT – Keynote with Richard Starkings

1 pm PDT/ 4 pm EDT – Crushing your Kickstarter with Camilla Zhang, Roye Okupe, and Ami Goff

2 pm PDT/ 5 pm EDT – Working with Hollywood with Matt Hawkins and Jonathan Maberry

3 pm PDT/ 6 pm EDT – Keynote with Sandy Carpenter


There’s also a Creator’s Stage – a lot happening!

The Worlds of Kickstarter Comics looks like a pretty outstanding book from the now unionized Kickstarter, and you can get it for free just for getting a newsletter, so sign up now!