Before we head into the weekend, here’s a Kickstarter which is on the very verge of being funded – a documentary about comics called ‘Comics Undressed’.


Directed by Fran Syass in collaboration with Ladydrawers, the documentary looks like an exploration into the much-discussed worry that the comics industry is still struggling to really represent women, LGBT readers, and people of colour. Looking into both the people making comics and the actual content present in (presumably mainstream) comics, the documentary will seek to illuminate and offer a little perspective on the situation.

Currently in production but looking for funding to help complete the project, this is an interesting one. Any discussion of representation in the comics industry is a worthy discussion to have, although I would make clear that there’s no indication who this’ll be talking to, or what level of access the documentary makers have. This could address everything from creator-owned small press through to big two work-for-hire – it may not address either.

At any rate, it’s very near the funding goal, and worth taking a look at.


  1. Thanks for helping promote this, Steve. Considering all the bullshit going around last week about the role (or lack thereof) of diversity in comics, it would be an incredible counterpoint to have this documentary meet its goal.

  2. I appreciate the heart and discussion the film wants and should make but as someone who is considered a minority in comics that the pitch does not objectively look at all the angles on the topic. I have made a female centric comic that does not objective with a female following, Made the main lead in a DC/Vertigo comic middle eastern and have had my property brought by dreamworks animations. I just saying. looks very one sided and i really hope (because its a a film I would like to see) you look at every aspect on the subjects.


  3. I agree Robbi. The description mentions race but the main focus seems to be women in comics. I think gender and race are both topics that would be interesting to discuss and would probably have enough content to fill their own documentaries.
    I think these kinds of discussions are very difficult in the comics world because of the lack of hard data from the industry. When compared to the amount of demographic data that is gathered on television and film for example, hard comic book demographic data with breakdowns for age and ethnicity for the entire industry seems to be harder to come by.


    Worth reading: “How sexism is destroying the comic book industry.”

    Article takes Mark Millar to task for repeatedly using rape in his comics. Notes the number of female characters who are raped (as a plot device for pissing off the male characters). And notes how the comics industry is “overrun” by sexual harassment and rape threats.

    Not a pretty picture, to say the least.

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