I received a nice note asking me to promote this Kickstarter for aComic Book Convention Survival Guide by Kyle Rose and Matthew Bernard.

The Comic Book Convention Survival Guide combines years of convention expertise into one convenient location where it can be shared with the world. It will ensure that our readers become well informed and focused convention visitors whether they be veterans or newbies. It will educate on the diversity of “con-goers” in a manner that promotes understanding and respect. It will provide the tools to guide our readers through the catacombs of the show floor such that it maximizes their achievements and fun. It will help each individual have the best experience possible so that all conventions are the best possible experience.

There’s also a website for the project with a preview, which I’ve excerpted a few pages from. As you can see, this is well designed and VERY THOROUGH. Few people need to be told to drink coffee to survive a con, but I guess it’s always someone’s first time.

Updated_CBCSG_Sample_chapter 00005.jpg

Updated_CBCSG_Sample_chapter 00006.jpg

Updated_CBCSG_Sample_chapter 00015.jpg
BTW, I don’t think jerky is a good survival snack because it makes you so thirsty. I carry a big bag of trail mix (GORP) with me on the floor of high stress cons (NYCC and SDCC) and just eat a handful whenever I think of it. I prefer my protein from almonds and peanuts. Also, surviving on nuts and berries at a comic con makes me feel closer to the men and women who founded this great country. 

I don’t know if subsequent chapters will explain just how to navigate the Funko booth, but I suspect this guide will appeal to some potential congoers. If this project strikes your fancy, fund away. It’s got a ways to go so I’m sure they would appreciate the support. 


  1. I don’t understand why we need a print edition when this information is so prevalent on every geek website and nerdy YouTube channel. Those pages do look well-designed though.

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