§ One of the Smart And Nice People of Comics, Mariah Huehner, has opened her own Etsy Store and is taking commissions prior to her appearance at Thought Bubble. Check em out.

tor kubert

§ I seem to have bookmarked the blog of designer Randy Dahlk months ago and never posted it. On his site he talks about designing those scrumptious Artist Editions from IDW, like Joe Kubert’s TOR, above.

I continue to try and make each of these Artist’s Editions unique onto itself. It’s a challenge not to repeat myself. I’m sure there is a recognizable style in everything I do, but I do my best to mix things up. It’s kind of like asking a cartoonist like Joe Kubert not to draw like Joe Kubert. Something will always show through that is a give-away. I’m not sure that is necessarily a bad thing. I wouldn’t have wanted Kubert to suddenly start drawing like Charles Schulz, that would have just seemed odd. But certainly over the decades his art style changed and evolved. I hope I continue to be a work in progress. I don’t ever want to get to a place of complete satisfaction. That’s dangerous. The way I look at it I still have another four decades to try to get it right!

§ Everyone has gone nuts for this 10 Rules for Drawing Comics site! While Johnny Ryan’s may win for packing a punch, how can you resist Roger Langridge’s “3. Show the Feet Once Per Page” AND IT’S ALSO ONE OF ALEX ROBINSON’S RULES!!! Do they teach you this in art school??? BOOKMARK AND LEARN.


§ Scott Edelman and Irene Vartanoff spent a wonderful afternoon with Marie Severin and shared it with us. It’s good to see Marie looking so great. She has always been one of my idols and I got to meet her and hang out a bit when I first moved to New York, and it’s an experience I treasure.

§ At New York Comic Con there was a panel with Jules Feiffer and Darwyn Cooke!

Cooke said that for the longest time he found it simple and hated it, but he always kept coming back to it. “I kept going back to that one I thought I hated and figuring out what it was that drew me back to it,” Cooke said. “I finally realized that it was better and I sought that work out.”

“His figures were beautiful,” Feiffer added.

“About eight months later, we were going by a bookstore, with my mom, and there was this gigantic book–‘The Great Comic Book Heroes,’” Cooke said referring to Feiffer’s famous 1965 book.

Feiffer gave the credit for the book to his editor, E.L. Doctorow. “I just started writing about my love of early comics and the impression they made on me as a kid,” Feiffer said. “In a sense I haven’t stopped since.”


  1. Concur with the amazing Gary Millidge. Eddie Campbell has been touting that as a rule for at least twenty years.

  2. I like:
    4. Comics are drawings

    If I want oil paintings or CGI, I can find those somewhere else.
    Make up a story and then draw it. Colour it so I can still see what the drawings are. Let me read the words without squinting. SOLD!

  3. Hey Heidi,

    Thanks for plugging the blog. Gonna be posting a lot more great lists over the next few weeks.

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