Some of these have been around for a while. As usual.

§ Underground legend S. Clay Wilson suffered a severe brain injury in 2008, and his caregiver Lorraine Chamberlain updated his condition for Tom Spurgeon. It’s a sad story of gradual decline, but Wilson is lucky to have someone like Chamberlain to see him through it. There’s also a website where you can donate for his care, see his artwork and more. In better news, Patrick Rozenkrantz is working on a massive biography of the cartoonist which will be released in three volumes beginning in 2014.


§ I guess this news has been floating around for a while, but Vertical will publish a new book by Moyoco Anno called Insufficient Direction which is about her marriage to Neon Genesis Evangelion director Hideaki Anno. It comes out in February. The cover alone is irresistible and going behind the scenes with a manga power couple should be quite revealing.

§ Patrick Reed reports on the Gene Dietch, Walt Kelly, And Jack Kirby Tributes at Comic-Con.

§ Scott Edelman uncovers a long ago case of logo theft that involves a Broadway musical and Superman.


§ Constant Beat readers know how much I love Porter Airlines, the Canadian based carrier, and one of the reasons is Mr. Porter, their adorable raccoon mascot. RACCOONS ARE HOT, I am telling you.


§ Today’s comics store profile is Filbars, in the Philippines, which just underwent a renovation:

“We want it to feel like every time you visit the store, it’s like visiting a comic convention,” said Guerrero. “So it’s like your everyday comic convention around the corner. There will always be something unique, something new that you won’t see anywhere else. We’re really building up on exclusive stuff, exclusive deals with suppliers. We want to create an experience that can’t be duplicated, something very personal for our fans.”

§ An interview with Stan Mack , who once chronicled funny overheard comments for Real Life Funnies, in the days when people had alternative newspapers and didn’t tweet every damn thing.

§ This is old, but I greatly enjoyed Brian Michael Bendis’s take on the Orson Scott Card matter:

I’ve been married almost 18 years. this summer, in particular, is a very happy loving time in our lives. I hold our brand-new baby or play with our little children and my wife looks at me like I’m the center of the universe. all of my natural instincts of self-loathing are washed away in the way she looks at me.

why on earth would I not want everyone in the world to at least have a chance to feel this way? I don’t understand



  1. Pleased that “Insufficient Direction” is being translated. I read the Japanese edition, but I’m sure I missed a lot. Moyoco Anno is an amazing creator and it’s wonderful to see more of her work released in English.

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