Over on USA Today, Grant Morrison has done a wrap-up interview for his Batman Inc series, the last issue of which comes out today. But more interestingly still, he talks about his next project with DC Comics – the graphic novel Wonder Woman: Earth One. And even more interestingly stiller than that, DC have released some black and white pages of Yanick Paquette’s artwork from the project.


Although Morrison’s remarks about the bondage aspects of Wonder Woman’s past have been discussed in detail, I’d just like to focus for the time being on the artwork. Let’s leave aside all talk of Morrison’s plans with the character and narrative, and just spend a few minutes gazing at Paquette’s work on the book.

This is some stunningly composed work, establishing the home of the Amazons as mythological and classical, whilst also contemporary and forward-thinking. If this is any indication of the sort of detail Paquette will be putting into every one of his 120 pages, then this is going to be a gorgeous book.




Wonder Woman Earth One is currently scheduled for ‘2014’.


  1. Hey, look – a Paradise Island(/Themiscyra) a person can admire. Love that Art Nouveau look! Really liking what I’m seeing and hearing of this book so far.

  2. I don’t get the choices they always make for these preview pages. These are lovely drawings … of a bunch of Amazons sitting around. I guess that little figure in the middle of the second image is possibly Wonder Woman, the star of this book. Why not a page showing Wonder Woman doing something wondrous? If Paquette hasn’t gotten far enough into the book to pull some action scenes, just commission him to do an awesome pin-up. These remind me of the Batman Earth One preview pages, which showed young Bruce Wayne and Alfred sitting at a kitchen table, and the Captain Marvel preview pages, which showed Carol Danvers in plain clothes hanging out with some people. It’s like making a trailer for Star Wars that just shows C-3PO and Chewbacca playing space-chess.

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