Straight from the offices of Publishers Weekly, it’s More to Come! Your podcast source of comics news and discussion starring The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald.

In this week’s episode, Heidi and the rest of the More to Come Crew – Calvin Reid and Kate Fitzsimons – discuss the recent San Diego Comic-Con including four Eisner wins for Chris Ware, three for Brian K. Vaughan, success for indie and digital comics, Neil Gaiman’s return to Sandman, Vertigo’s new push, sleeping outside Hall H, Monkeybrain, new kids’ imprints at NBM and Viz, Fantagraphics and D&Q, Lego hobbit holes and much more in this podcast from PW Comics World.

The con may be over, but More To Come isn’t going anywhere. Tune in for our next regularly scheduled bi-weekly podcast!

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  1. (Can’t comment over at PW.)

    Why is DC promoting Vertigo?
    Because the serialized superhero titles do not sell past a certain date.
    The only post-Crisis superhero GNs which remained in print for years were the Morrison JLA collections. Nothing else.
    Yet I could shelve every Vertigo series GN, and watch them sell themselves. Look at what remains in print over a decade!
    The only failures: Swamp Thing and John Constantine (which have superhero/corporate comics DNA).

    So, yes, the New 52 is great, sells nicely, hits the bestseller lists, but how many of the “volume one” GNs will remain in print through 2016? How many of the DCU GNs from 2010 remain in print now?

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