§ James Thurber’s home profiled

It was in that attic in the 1970s that a former owner discovered several of Thurber’s drawings on the wall — hidden under a layer of wallpaper hung by Thurber’s wife, Althea, who stayed in the home after the couple divorced. The drawings included scenes of band members and their instruments, clowns and fishing by the river.

“Thurber seemed to have a lot of nervous energy and was always doodling,” Ohno said. “His hands were always moving. When talking on the telephone he would often doodle on the walls.”

§ Late cartoonist Artie Saaf has as updated website his family informs us, with a short bio, an index and a gallery, all a work in progress.

§ E! Online praises Daniel Clowes new strip MR WONDERFUL.

§ Chris Butcher vs Dirk over what kind of mature manga books are best to push:

Hahaha… Yeah, of course. Welcome to the 21st century, us brick and mortar retailers might not be able to figure out that Fanfare/Ponent Mon’s books are available online. Whatever, I’m glad the books are available to people who want them, but those print-runs are already set, and my friend Stephen at Fanfare has made it quite clear that the endeavour is a labour of love for him, likely to continue virtually regardless of sales (though he was quite happy at JAPAN and MARIKO PARADE needing to go back for new printings, recently). When it comes to publishers with deep pockets being willing to license and publish work for grown-ups, sales are king and it makes a lot more sense to push the books that are coming out… or books that are legally available at the very least, than to not.

§ Detroit Comics owner Brian Kelly profiled

§ Manga-loving pol thwarted in political bid; Japan not to be taken over by giant monsters

§ Comics-loving novelist Junot Diaz profiled.