200709240230We could just listen to this all day: Doug Pratt writes to say that he has remastered what seems to be the only extant internet version of the Mighty Marvel Marching society record from the 60s.

Having scoured the Web and YouTube, it seems that my MP3 files from five years ago of the two Marvel Comics records from the 60’s are perhaps the sole sources that everybody has used. It would be great if somehow the original master tapes turned up, or somebody had copies in better shape, but I’ve done what I think is the best possible job of remastering my copies. “The Voices Of Marvel” is noticeably improved.


  1. The split in the picture is how the flap looks on the rear sleeve. I saved the scan as a GIF, because it’s lossless compression. Solid reds always come out awful on JPEG.

    The program “In Search of Steve Ditko” has excellent quality samples from “Scream Along With Marvel” that I would guess came from the Marvel Super Heroes TV show. Whatever the source, it beats the Eva*Tone sound sheet from 1967.

  2. How am I able to receive the MSH amd MMMS songs so that I can burn them onto a CD? Those two songs take me back when I was a child.

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