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§ The Daily Cross Hatch visit Kim Deitch and talks about his remarkable body of work:

A doorman-protected building in New York’s upper-east-side isn’t exactly the kind of setting that immediately springs to mind, when one attempts to imagine the digs of an alternative cartoonist, but as I disembark from the elevator, the familiar beard and pony-tailed Kim Deitch greets me with a smile and a, “Brian?”

The inside of his apartment is very clearly realm of his ilk, full of old books, and records, and a stunning antique toy collection, including some old Krazy Kat dolls, and a band of tin rodents that look remarkably like some distant relatives of Chris Ware’s creation, Quimby the Mouse.

§ Pulp Secret launches Comicbook Orange, a comics review videocast.

§ Via Paul Dini:
Just posted this AM, the fourth installment of our podcast, “Almost Live With Paul & Misty.” This week in a special 69 minute supersized edition, we speak to genius artist Adam Hughes about the controversy over his Mary Jane statue design and the ongoing debate of female imagery in comics. Plus thoughts on tentacle porn, pearl necklaces, All-Star Wonder Woman and where to get the best Mai-Tais in San Diego.
We haven’t listened to the podcast ourselves, but you can right here.

§ Speaking of Mary Jane, here’s how Wizard mag described the statue, in a blurb obviously written long ago:

“Smoking Mary Jane: Sideshow Toys heats up the summer with an Adam Hughes-inspired 10-inch Mary Jane statue. So sweet it makes you taste cheesecake, this hard-bodied superhero wife even features a peek at her thong!”

§ Headline of the week: When They Came For Yakko, I Said Nothing…

§ Can someone who speaks Italian go tell this guy that it is not cool to cut ‘n’ paste?


  1. I’ve listened to the Dini podcast. Erm.

    The Paul and Misty podcast, besides being dreadfully dull (a feat for Dini (BTAS man extraordinaire), Misty (a performer) and Adam Hughes (who’s funny)), is rather obnoxious at more than a few points. One of the moments that stands out is Misty saying,

    “… something I’ve heard a million times before – but usually, the strongest and loudest protest over sexy things come from ugly fat girls…as somebody who’s relatively secure in her sexuality…but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to look at ’em. I find the feminine form very appealing and I’m not at all offended by that…”

    Ugly fat girls. Wow.

    (link to complete post of comment is: