Nice Art #1: I thought I would share a panel from Ty Templeton’s always hilarious BUnToons. This episode is called Secret Rebirth of the Legacy Empire! YAY!

Many more amusing cartoons can be found in the link.

§ Nice Art #2: Cartoonist Jerry Ordway bought some old comics a at thrift shop the other day.

And then tweeted this.

His point wasn’t to make fun of the groovy old House of Mystery comics, but it is a reminder of why Marvel became very cool and hip in the 60s.

preacher_bus_nyc.JPGNice Art #3: I did not ever expect to see in this world we call reality a public bus adorned with an ad for a Preacher TV show. Let alone the tagline “Powerful AF”

I wish Steve was still here.

§ Johanna Draper Carlson has a Suggestion to Improve Comic Pre-Orders which is basic stuff as you go through a 600+ page catalog with endless titles that have one word. Sometimes you lose track of which is which.

And when you’re on issue 3 or issue 7 or somewhere in the middle of your story, it’s true that it’s very hard to create solicitation text that means anything, particularly for those who aren’t keeping track of your title. I don’t blame those who give up and just put in a line of some kind of plot, even if I don’t know who any of the characters named are. (This catalog’s most minimal: text that just says, “Power up.”)

However, why not use that space to remind me of your book’s premise? Some of the manga publishers have switched to doing this, with a paragraph of description for the overall series and then a line or two with key events from the particular volume on order. At least that would remind me of something about the comic.

§ LEGACY! At IGN writer Jesse Schedeen frets:  There’s Reason to Worry About Marvel’s Legacy Relaunch:

That’s all fine and well, but the proof is in the pudding. And right now the pudding seems to be the same meal Marvel has been feeding us for the past several years. Of the 52 Legacy books revealed this week, all but six of them appear to be direct continuations of titles Marvel is publishing right now. Of those six, two (Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk) still have clear analogues in the current lineup (Totally Awesome Hulk and Hulk, respectively). So that leaves a measly four books that are bringing something new to the table – Spirits of Vengeance, The Falcon, Marvel Two-In-One and Moon Knight. And even Moon Knight had his own book as recently as a couple months ago.


§ Here’s a nice interview with the great Hellen Jo about translating the sleeper Korean GN Uncomfortably Happy  by Yeon-Sik Hong for D&Q:

Nrama: How did you first encounter it, and what made you want to serve as translator for the North American edition?

Jo: Drawn & Quarterly actually approached me to translate this book. They were looking for a Korean cartoonist who was a native English speaker, one who understood the language of comics and who could provide natural-sounding English for a Western audience. Cartoonist and friend Matt Forsythe referred D&Q to me. I had never translated anything before Mr. Hong’s graphic novel, but I was able to convince everyone to trust in my heritage speaking skills – I was born and raised in the United States by Korean immigrant parents. Though I wasn’t familiar with Mr. Hong’s work at the time, I devoured the original Korean graphic novel in a matter of hours, and shortly after, when his Korean agent sent me another one of his works, Mr. Madang’s Table, I read it in one sitting, wept openly, and understood the importance of sharing Mr. Hong’s work with English-speaking readers. I have long believed in the need for more English translation of Korean comics and graphic novels. There is a large, thriving and talented community of Korean cartoonists and illustrators, nearly all unknown in North America, and I am very excited to have helped made the work of one of the best available in English.

The book involves a cartoonist and his wife who try to get away from it all, and how that isn’t as pleasant as it sounds. Recommended!

§ The mystery of why people like Transformers movies 

According to data from Ranker, people who love the franchise also rate Owen Wilson as Hollywood’s greatest actor and ‘Suicide Squad’ as their favorite movie.

§ Cartoonist (some might say experimental cartoonist) Matthew Thurber suggests 10 Cartoonists Every Art Lover Needs to Know and it’s quite a nice list. Not scary at all.

§ At The Establishment, a very long piece investigating how Creation Cons have struggled to make their programming available to hearing impaired con-goers. The piece focuses on Creation, but to be honest, having sign language interpreters for programming is an area where not many cons do well.

For the past three years, Seattle native Kai Winchester has been attending fan conventions organized by Creation Entertainment, a major entertainment company that holds the rights to many popular films and television series, including Star Trek, Twilight, and Stargate SG-1. Because Winchester is Deaf, he has had to advocate for the provision of sign language interpreters. The experience has been arduous and frustrating; the first time he requested interpreters at the Salute to Supernatural 2015 convention in Seattle, the organizers flat-out refused him, forcing him to spend more than a year liaising back and forth by email, repeatedly citing disability law and ultimately threatening to sue before they finally relented.


§ This is an old link but Jamie Broadnax had a great report on AwesomeCon that did include a familiar type hiccup, but also a lot of good stuff.

§ Headline of the day: Wonder Woman weds Deadpool at comics convention.