§ While we’re all pining away for The Fantastic Four who may be going on hiatus for whatever reason, Dark Horse’s Project Black Sky webcomic has launched a comic called…The Launch. It’s by Fred van Lente and Michael Broussard and its part of Dark Horse’s superhero project. The tale involves four astronauts in 1961 who go into space and get superpowers! 13th Dimension has a preview and it looks spiffy.

§ Found while surfing, a website called Comic Book Sales Charts & Stats that collects the sales charts and analysis posted here and elsewhere and offers MORE analysis, like this post on Diamond’s 300-400th charting titles.

§ Audio adaptations of comic books? Why not. IRON MAN: EXTREMIS, the story by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov that inspired much of the Iron Man movie series has been adapted by Marie Javins for a full on audio recording with sound effects, music by Amotz Plessner and Jean Baptiste Boclè and actors, all produced by GraphicAudio.® While you can’t sample the Iron Man story there are plenty of other samples here from an extensive library. Ion Man will cost you $13.99 to download, $19.99 for a CD. .

§ Someone is trying to get Dylan Horrock’s Hicksville voted onto a list of top books, as voted on by New Zealanders. Since Horrocks is from New Zealand and the book is a classic, this makes sense. I guess only Kiwis can vote but if you are one you should! (h/t Spurge.)


§ Somewhat near to New Zealand, a graphic novel is available online that tells you all about the history of West Papua. Now, when I typed that I wasn’t sure where West Papua was, but a Google map tells me it is the Indonesian region on the island that is mostly New Guinea. Writing this blog helps me learn. You will learn much more about West Papua by reading the book, called Vanishing Tribes.

The illustrated novel, which is called Vanishing Tribes: Unheard Voices from West Papua, is authored under the penname Ahinsa Angel, which means messenger of peace. The project’s manager, who does not wish to be named, says most people don’t know that West Papua exists and cannot find it on a map. He says the project’s main objective is to publicise the story of West Papua around the world and encourage readers to lobby their governments.

I did know West Papua existed but I had to use Google to find it on a map, so this book is a good idea. I wouldn’t exactly call it a graphic novel, but there are a lot of pictures.

§ David Gallaher and Steve Ellis’s webcomic The Only Living Boy: Kid vs. Monsters has launched a second chapter and GeekDad has all the info.

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  1. Oh yeah, it’s an adaptation of the *prose novel* and not the comic book. I’m only surprised because I’ve been so engrossed in getting another book to press, I didn’t even notice this happened until yesterday.

  2. AudioComics Company has been doing this for a while, beginning with Starstruck by Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta.

  3. Thanks for the link. I’ll have more on the Sales Charts blog soon, provided my laptop gets a little less crashy.

    If anyone has any ideas for some analysis they’d like to see of the Diamond charts (especially of the Graphic Novels chart, which is much less analysed than the single issues), let me know. I’m especially curious if anyone has suggestions on how to tweak what I call the “Diamond Perennials” list, of items which show up as backlist more often than not (including 18 books which have been on the Diamond Top 300 every month for the last two years).

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