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§ Nice art: Thi Bui (The Best We Could Do) explains Refugee to Detainee: How the U.S. is Deporting Those Seeking a Safe Haven. Maybe nice isn’t quite the word. But it is a beautiful comic about a horrible, dangerous topic.


§ Quite a few people in my TL were talking about Tinderella by M.S. Harkness , a cartoonist not previously on my radar, but after checking out this preview of A SAVAGE JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF AN ANIME CONVENTION I was totally on board. In the story Harkness goes to the con armed with a huge box of weed cookies. I does not go well. The preview cuts out just as things are going nuts. Someone needs to make a movie out of this.

§ Shaenon Garrity chats with Nate Powell about his new book set on a Ozarks commune:

What inspired the 1970s Ozarks commune setting of Come Again?

I was born in the late ’70s and emerged through the underground punk rock community in Arkansas. Through that, I became tuned in to other subcultures. The seed of the story that became Come Again was a sci-fi fantasy world that wasn’t connected to our geopolitical reality. As I tried to reel it back into our world, it became about a group of people figuring out what to do after the implosion of the peace movement in the ’60s.


§ Batgirl has a new costume, designed by Sean Gordon Murphy, and it goes back to the pre-Burnside costume but…gloves over gloves? Because why? Is it super cold in Gotham? Or does it just look so damned cool?

§ So much agitation about what will and will not be at Comic-Con! Lucifer was rescued from cancellation by the Huge Streaming Dollars, aka Netflix and the show is determined to come to Comic-Con … but HOW:

We’re hearing early speculation about exactly how Lucifer will show up down in S.D. A panel never was planned, as the deadline to do so with the convention already passed. There’s a number of ideas being kicked around, i.e. some of the Lucifer EPs and talent briefly parachuting into another WBTV Comic-Con panel, an off-site press event or appearance at the WBTV booth.

How how HOW will they be able to find the place to make a splash? The event is so unfriendly to media properties!

§ Meanwhile it was the Denver Comic-Con over the weekend, and it was a hit:

Kids were able to build things, get their face painted, experience science, and much more. They were also given the opportunity to read about Colorado history, through comics. “The proceeds from the con fund my year-round educational outreach, where I teach kids and adults to improve their literacy, art, and critical thinking skills,” Kowalchuk said.

Imagine that, Kids free and learning, just as al children should. Someday I’d like our country to be like that.


  1. I personally think bat-shaped tread is a bit anal. What does that go to character

    Cool about Lucifer not being cancelled. Yay!

  2. Man, I really do not like that new Batgirl costume. Of course DC cancelled the Batgirl book I was getting so I’ll never have to see it in an actual book unless she shows up as a guest.

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