§ Art: Avengers: Infinity War has passed Star Wars The Force Awakens as the biggest opening ever – it long ago passed it as the #1 film franchise – and Kathleen Kennedy was gracious about it.


§ May Day! I was trying to find some art of Gwyn and Gwyther’s annual May Day battle for Creiddylad from the Mabinogion, but I guess no one ever drew it! Sad. All I could find was this painting of a NORSE “wild hunt” by Peter Nicolai Arbo from 1872.

§ I missed a bunch of kibbles because I had to work on some other stuff. Sorry about that. Also my browser kept eating all my links. I save links as HTML formatted text in a browser based notepad, but if Chrome crashes, I lose everything. I can’t figure out another way to do this. There are many note taking apps and plug-ins, but they all make NEW NOTES every time you save something. I want to automatically cut and paste HTML to the SAME document? How do I do that? Am I the only person on earth who wants to do this? Is this my onion on the belt?



§ Artist Milton Knight was a mainstay of the indie funny animal world back in the day, and he’s now lost his home. You can read the awful story in the link, or help his GoFundMe here. It’s a tough story, to read. (h/t The Comics Reporter)

§ Here are some interviews by Alex Dueben:

Julia Kaye of the comic strip Up and Out on her first collection:

A conversation with Eleanor Davis about Why Art? and activism

Tim Fielder on his book Matty’s Rocket (which is up for 6 Glyph awards)

Hazel Newlevant




§ Jen Bartel offers advice on going to comics school.

§ Leela Corman profiles Aline Kominsky-Crumb for PW.


§ First Second’s Winter 2019 lines was announced at EW but you’ll have to slog through an ad riddled slideshow to see it. Luckily the line is worth it, with such stuff as Box Brown’s history of marijuana as an excuse to incarcerate people, and a new Cathy G. Johnson book about a mismatched soccer team, Breakaway.

§ Comics man of many hats Shannon Eric Denton has joined Blizzard Entertainment as Storyboard Supervisor.

§ Kind of comics: Steve Foxe at Paste looks at Marvel’s hit or miss attempts at tying in their comics with the MCU.

Most puzzlingly, in the four years between the 2014 announcement of the two-part Avengers: Infinity War cinematic juggernaut and the release of the first film in theaters this week, Marvel Comics has skewed Avengers titles in the comics away from its most popular cinematic characters while diluting the Avengers “brand” by flooding the market with books: from All-New, All-Different Avengers to Occupy AvengersU.S.AvengersUncanny AvengersNew AvengersCaptain America and the Mighty AvengersSecret Avengers and, yes, Avengers, the most recent volume, which shares exactly one character with the MCU’s iteration of the team: The Vision. While some of these were excellent comics, especially writer Al Ewing’s contributions, the lack of cohesion meant that Marvel frequently had three or four moderate-to-low-selling Avengers titles on stands at any given times, rather than a single flagship book recognizable to curious new readers as an entry point into the comic universe. (Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness’ Avengers#1 launches next week to finally fill that void, but even this bombastic new title spins out of a one-shot released last fall.)

In case you haven’t noticed, ever since the Great Sundering, Marvel Comics hasn’t had much to do with Marvel Studios. Sure it would be hard to tie-in all Marvel’s lead titles given the way A:IW ended, but would The Adventures of Hawkeye on His Farm be so impossible to do. I do recall that Marvel tried to tie in to The Force Awakens with the story of how 3P0 got his red arm and it took years to come out, so I guess it’s really not practical.


§ Just mopping up the Universal Fan Con disaster. This interview with Jamie Broadnax at The Root got a lot of flack for letting her off the hook, and it does leave vast gaps in the story:

“I was hired to handle Community Outreach,” Broadnax explained in an email to The Root.She added: My role was to leverage the Black Girl Nerds brand to promote the event. I brought on some affiliates and some guests and sought out sponsors with the connections that I had to the entertainment industry and the media to get involved. I also alerted friends and members of the press that I knew to publicize information about the event. I was never paid for my work. The organizers offered to pay me a percentage of the profits. As you can imagine, I haven’t seen a dime and at this point, I don’t expect to see anything despite spending a lot of my time and putting my reputation on the line for it.

For someone who was listed first in the Kickstarter and had UFC co-founder in his bio until this all blew up, Broadnax seems to have lost control of things very quickly.

But at least she’s talking. The other co-founder Robert Butler hasn’t tweeted or been heard from in a week. But he didn’t take out his “co-founder” status in his bio. But he did have a secret twitter.

§ Aja Romano tweeted a list of Great Con Disasters. Some amazing ones in there!

§ And Fandom Spotlite asked Are There Too Many Conventions?  Probably.

§ Ed Williams with a sharp take on why Universal Fan Con failed and Wicomicon succeeded.

§ We wrote recently about how local tourism boards often don’t rate comic cons because they don’t sel enough hotel rooms. But in Medford, OR they seem to like th elocal show!

Medford Comic-Con wrapped up this weekend but it’s having a lasting impact on the local economy. According to The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County, tourism is becoming a major economic driver in the area and Comic-Con is just one of the events driving business in the county. City leaders say tourism shouldn’t be the only income stream for the county but it is one of the strongest.



In the race to put “Avengers Infinity War” in as many headlines as possible on every comics website everywhere, there can only be winners. For instance, yesterday afternoon Comicbook.com noted that There Are Some ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Fans Who Think Ebony Maw Is Sexy. That’s EBony above.

This must have gotten a lot of traffic becuase an hour or so later they discovered that Some ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Fans Think Thanos is Sexy, too. I’ll cut right to the chase and save you some googling: some Avengers fans also think Captain America is sexy. Oh yeah, I went there!

Come Halloween can you doubt that we will see a plethora of Sexy Ebony Maws and Sexy Thanoses hitting the streets?


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