We’ve just heard through the grapevine of another con fail: this time Epic Icon Comic Con, to be held May 4-6 at the Los Angels Convention Center, was cancelled a mere week out.  Sound familiar?



As recently as April 8th they were still announcing guests.


But it all fell apart.

The shows’ main feature was a “Back to the Future reunion” with Christopher Lloyd. Tom Wilson and a DeLorean. Although it should be noted. this “Comic con” had no actual comics guests.

On the FB page, no details for the cancellation were given, aside from “There are numerous reasons for the cancellation, but we honestly had no choice.” They announced plans to issue ticket refunds.

Our guess?  The usual. LA is a tough town for events, the LA Convention Center is a pricey venue, and ticket sales probably weren’t enough to cover it all.

EDITED TO ADD: Because I’m a dummy, I forgot to mention that this “comic con” was scheduled for Free Comic Book Day weekend, which is a forbidden date for show runners. 

We know of no dirt on this show, or even who is running it (although we’re all ears if there is more to the story.) In the end, cancelling a con a week out is horrible and awful for people who were planning a trip, but probably better than running a horrible event that will go into the “When a Con is Crap” annals.

The stories of crap cons make for better stories and more traffic for us, but honestly, cancelling is far more responsible. It’s just that it takes so long for people to see the handwriting on the wall sometimes.

We’ve reached out to EICC for comment and will update as more information becomes available.

Updated: Reached for comment, an Epic Icon Comic Con spokesperson wrote:

There were a few reasons for the cancellation. Individually, none were enough to cancel, but all came at once two weeks ago. I cannot be specific at this point. We have rescheduled for 2019.



  1. I have to agree with Brock. I live and work in the Los Angeles area, shop at comics stores and attend conventions, AND am a bit of a Back to the Future fan. I had vaguely heard that someone was trying to do a show featuring the movie, but hadn’t heard this convention name until the news of its cancellation. I certainly didn’t know that the vaguely-rumored con would be this weekend.

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