§ Nice snacks: Doritos and Marvel Studios have teamed up for a bag of chips that plays the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack. The bag of chips does not include a tape, although there is a picture of a cassette on the cover. It’s likely that salty, oily dust would clog an actual cassette tape player. However there is evidently some kind of sound chip embedded in this bag of Doritos and now you can all gather around a bag of snacks and dance around to the tunes of Fleetwood Mac and ELO. Or just use Spotify. Your call.

Seriously, I think Cool Ranch would have been a more appropriate flavor.

Doritos will also hold events on May 5th in LA and New York where you can “Rock Out Loud” in pop-up recording booths. Winners will get concert and other event tickets, and , of course, free bags of Doritos.

You’ll be able to order this musical bag of chips on Amazon and the fact that anyone  orders a snack on Amazon boggles my mind.

§ Writer James Hudnall lost his leg a few years back and now he’s losing his apartment; finding a new one when you’re disabled isn’t easy and he has a pretty modest crowdfunder to help him get through the rough part.

§ This list of the  Top 75 comics blogs and websites for comic fans has been going around, although it’s just a clickbait thing. But we’re # 9! But we didn’t beat Dilbert. Sad.

§ The Wall Street Journal has a nice profile of Karen Berger but you’ll have to sign away your soul to read it.


§ Another story going around: fast fashion house Zara got in hot water over a skirt that looked like Pepe the Frog:

There is a lot of “how did this happen?” and “how deluded could they be?” going around the cybersphere, but the answer may come down to a blunt collision of globalism and cultural ignorance. A spokeswoman for Zara said: “The skirt is part of the limited Oil-on-Denim collection, which was created through collaborations with artists and is only available in selected markets. The designer of the skirt is Mario de Santiago, known online as Yimeisgreat. There is absolutely no link to the suggested theme.” Mr. de Santiago is a Spanish artist based in London whose biography on his official web page states, “I like to explore social interactions and gather them into quirky and colourful storytelling compositions.” According to Zara, he said the frog face “came from a wall painting I drew with friends four years ago.” It is not hard to imagine he was unaware a similar frog face had been used for a somewhat different purpose in the United States.

§ Annie Mok interviews Gabrielle Bell  for The Comics Journal

BELL: I’m very sensitive to mother-blaming. I think the most liberal among us… And father-blaming to. I did that too when I was younger, thinking “I didn’t get what I deserved” and stuff, and now… I’m very sensitive to people complaining about their moms not doing enough for them. Because of the difficulties that any mother has, we should be grateful that they were there at all. I mean, I know some people who had really abusive mothers, that’s sort of different.

§ Here is a very long and well written piece at of all places by Hazel Cills that looks at female cartoonists at The New Yorker elsewhere:

The “sameness” of cartooning doesn’t just occur on a hiring and commissioning level, but in the illustrations themselves. In 2015 a study conducted by the journal Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Sciencefound that over 70 percent of characters depicted in New Yorkercartoons are white men, with women disproportionately depicted as moms, wives, and assistants. And many female artists find themselves playing down aspects of their work that are too feminine, too queer, or too diverse to meet a traditional look of mainstream comics and illustration.

§ Here’s a nice mainstream media report on C2E2 that even features some comics content. 

§ Powerless, the DC universe sitcom, has been pulled from the schedule after 9 episodes. 

NBC’s bold new take on the superhero genre, #Powerless, premiered to a dismal 3.1 million viewers and never truly took off. Episode after episode, the show’s ratings steadily declined and the last episode that was only watched by 2 million viewers.

I only watched he first episode, but the concept had been revamped a few times, and that is never a good sign. Also, have you ever noticed how superhero shows on network TV just aren’t very…good. I was chatting with a show biz vet at C2E2 and she remarked, “The networks will be dead in ten years and they don’t even know it.”


  1. I’ll say one thing for Powerless; the title of an upcoming, now probably not to be seen, episode was the truly inspired “Win, Luthor, Draw”.

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