§ Gene Colan has been hospitalized with a broken shoulder and will not be able to work for a while, so friends are raising money for him via an auction.

§ The Financial Times looks at the phenomenon of pop stars writing comic books

The success of the series has also opened the door for musicians to utilise graphic novels as never before. “I’m pretty sure it got into the hands of people who had never read comics before, or who just had a passing interest,” says Shawna Gore, an editor from Dark Horse Comics who published The Umbrella Academy. “It was a bridge between pop music and comics.”


§ Over at AICN, Mike Russell interviews Paul Pope about BATTLING BOY and other stuff. Pope will be a guest at Stumptown this weekend:

And the coroner in “Batman: Year 100” is based on my granddad. He was a forensic coroner. Kind of a multitasker. It was possible for him to also be an engineer and a farmer at the same time.

§ Chris Butcher finished liveblogging the April 2010 Previews:

11:39pm: Speaking of continuing to do well, Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s FREAKANGELS gets a fourth collection in June (or later, probably) in softcover, hardcover, and signed hardcover editions. For a series serialized for free, online, it continues to do well for us in sales. It’s slowed a little bit, but honestly? Good stuff, and I’m glad to see the web-serialization to print-sales model actually works.

§ Just in case you haven’t seen Roger Ebert’s “Video games can never be art” essay, here it is. Remember when the elders told Herodotus that writing things down on scrolls would destroy literacy because people wouldn’t have to memorize things any more?


§ Over the weekend, Marvel’s O.M.I.T. promo was revealed to be a retelling of some kind of wedding that never happened between MJ and Peter Parker. Chris Sims breaks it down in his own special way.

§ For cephalo-lovers everywhere, Octo-cam.


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