I believe we’ve mentioned before that Finnish prog-metal musician Tuomas Holopainen (think Toki from Dethklok only Finnish) is making a concept album devoted to Don Rosa’s classic The LIfe and Times of Scrooge McDuck, but now there is a VIDEO which stars Don Rosa.

There’s also a video of Holopainen talking about the album.

Rosa has also created the cover art for the album, above. We knew Don Rosa was a household name in Northern Europe, but we didn’t know that included Finnish Prog Metal households.

§ Although it isn’t Oscar eligible until next year (by which time everyone will have forgoten about it) Blue is the Warmest Color won Best Foreign Film at the Independent Spirit Awards. The film is based on Julie Maroh’s GN of the same title.

§ British cartoonists went to Malta and has a great time.

§ Minecraft, the insanely popular video game that only young people understand, has already teamed with Marvel for an Avengers Skin Pack but the two companies could be collaborating again.

§ Here is a very nuts and bolts, covering all the bases article about how a library in St. Peterburg, FL added a graphic novel section.

§ Comics are getting some attention in South Africa, or at least, merchandise.

“Over the last five years, the SA comic scene has just gone pow,” he says, “We’re starting to realise that comics aren’t just silly things for kids. I think it’s because of cinematic exposure – now all the biggest earning films are comic book films like The Avengers and so on, and the TV series like Agents of SHIELD and so on – we’re starting to get very exposed to comic book characters. And because of this exposure, so many people are going ‘oh, so comics are actually cool’. If you look in fashion, any average Pick ‘nPay or Mr Price will sell superhero shirts now.”

§ For nearly a decade we laughed at the antics and misfortunes of the Spider-Man musical, but the injury sustained by dancer Daniel Curry was pretty gruesome.

But on the night of Aug. 15, something went wrong. Mr. Curry, giving his first interview since that performance, said he felt the lift moving as usual as the “Spider-Man” score swelled. He couldn’t see, though that was normal, too, because he wore a blindfold, and the stage was dark. Then, in a split second, something solid pressed down against his right foot, then crushed it. His foot had become trapped between the lift and the stage.

Curry has lost most of his foot, and will probably never be able to dance again. He’s also suing the producers.

§ Here’s a big story from last week: Disney will film its upcoming Netflix series The Defenders in New York. They’ll also spend $200 million on it. This is exciting to me because it means at any random moment, I may stumble on the Defenders set.

§ Everyone linked to this great comic by Boulet — why should I be left out?


§ Apparently. Charlton Comics is coming back as a 44-page tribute, the Charlton Arrow.


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